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Default Control configuration


I just got the game (finally), but when I try to modify the control key, I can't just seem to be able to unmap, even If I press on Backspace very hard...

What should I do? I could in the demo, in the game I can't...

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Run Diagnose.exe and post the report.

What kind of keyboard do you have BTW?
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This might not pertain to the same thread but it has to do with my keyboard configuration. Am trying to map Lara's moves to the keys I worked with for Legend and Anniversary, haven't found a function in game to do so as yet, what am I missing? Ctrl for duck and caps locks for grenades is a big no no.
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Hi guys, i have same thing i formated my PC recently and when it re installed TR Underworld again I just can't unmap buttons!!!

Édit: nbm, i just had to push without pushing enter lol

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