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Fiamma Patrick
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Default Untriggered Mercenary in Barkhang Monastery?

So, I was in Fexinspect not too long ago, and I noticed in the room where you find the first prayer wheel, there is a third Mercenary wielding an Uzi.
Apparently, when jumping over the braziers in the dark room, the guy was supposed to spawn, and the soundtrack plays that notifies you "Hey, watch out there's an enemy". The soundtrack plays, but the guy doesn't.
Is it possible to map the trigger of this baddie to another place to get him to spawn?
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Assuming the trigger is actually triggering the enemy (I guess you checked it right? Otherwise the music would just be for the fire traps), the problem must be that it triggers in the flipped, dark room, exactly when the room flips to the bright one (in TR2 the fire object did not come with lighting included, so you needed a flipmap for this kind of effect); you may have noticed the bodies of dead enemies and monks often disappear after a while in the level, and it happens in that room too: that's because not all objects "move" from the first room to the flipped one when the trigger is activated, in fact if you want to place a pickup in one of these rooms for example you will lose it if you don't pick it up before the flip, and for it to be in the flipped room you have to place it in the first version (for some reason this doesn't apply to dropped items as far as I remember).

I think there was some way of adding and moving triggers in already compiled levels, but it's probably far easier to just move the enemy in the adiacent room (assuming, again, it doesn't contain a flipmap, and I don't remember any) or in the fire-lit one in order to make him not be teleported into the flipped-rooms universe forever
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TRMOD will help your needs all you need to do is add a trigger via TRMOD, based on the enemy's MAP ID (NOT its object id)

I dont believe there is any other modding tool that allows NEW TRIGGERS into a compiled TR level
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