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Talking Make TRF Chuckle

I think we've all had some comical moments in our lives. I think we all have some funny stories to share about our pasts. The purpose of this thread is to try and make TRF chuckle by sharing some funny stories about ourselves and our pasts.

As the person who created the thread, I think it's only right that I go first. When I was a kid, I saw a guy who owned his own DIY business. He had his company name on the side of his van. The company name was "Bugler", however, I thought it said "Burglar". So I thought that the guy was a burglar, who drove around in his burglar van, burgling people's houses, and not being at all discreet about it.

I have a similar story from when I was also a kid. I entered a building, and there was a charity pot inside with "Bulgaria" written on it. Presumably, they were raising money for Bulgaria. However, I thought that it said "Burglar", and so I thought they were leaving money behind for potential burglars. I thought it was their way of saying "Okay burglar, this is all the money that we can afford to lose, so you can help yourself to this but please don't take anything else".

Does anyone else here have any comical stories to share?
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Many many many many years ago during the nineties when my dad came home from work on a Friday evening I told him it was Thursday the next morning he got up for work thinking it was Friday he was in the car about to reverse out of the driveway when the car radio told him it was Saturday.

At the time he was working in a place out near the Airport which is an hour's drive from here, it would have been all the more funny if he had driven all the way there before realising that it was Saturday.

I still blame that radio for ruining it by telling him that it was Saturday.
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Story 1...Here is a true real life chuckle story

When attending a business meeting last year, we were told that the main architect had wanted to a woman, and decided to come all out and attend the meeting with a wig and a dress. Now this guy looked butch, we had seen him before at the meetings as a man, in no way did he look feminine, so when he arrived it was like Fred Flintstone in drag.

We tried not to laugh, but a few minutes later the giggles started, it was just crazy, I just could not look at him, everyone was prepared for the worse when he started talking and we all had to look at him, someone screamed out with stifled laughter, our boss warned quietly you will be reprimanded if you keep on laughing.

We then started falling under the table one by one with belly laughs, it could not be contained, when one starts up it becomes contagious. The architect got up in discust and left, our boss said stop laughing, even though he was in tears of laughter. You will get sacked if you don't stop, and that caused the whole table to erupt in belly laughs. My stomach was sore with laughter. The funnest work day ever.

The architect kept his wig and dress for his private life after that

EDIT...I had to give you a picture of that day, where political correctness was difficult to maintain.....

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Wow you really like opening new threads.
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Originally Posted by ryan91 View Post
Wow you really like opening new threads.
Well you wanted a chuckle, and by God you got one. No-one could possibly not chuckle at that event. Even though we tried not to, on penalty of getting sacked

Only problem was, they would have had to sack everyone

Story 2...Here is another true real life chuckle story.

My mates and I decided on a holiday over the border to Wales a few years back. I know no words of the Welsh language, well I tell a lie as I do know the one word in Welsh, and thats ARAF which is painted on all the roads near bends and the like, and it means 'slow' or 'slow down', so every time we saw ARAF while driving on the road we would shout "ARF ARF ARF slow down now" and burst out laughing.

Anyway we decide to pop in for a pint or two late one evening and saw an old pub in the village we were in. Once we crossed the threshold of the pub, we could hear almost everyone talking Welsh, and we moved forward to the bar, and all eyes turned as they could hear us speaking English asking for beer and crisps. We looked and saw the local yokels looking back. Even the obligatory sheep dog at the lit fireplace looked at us with interest.

It was like the 'Bun fight at the OK corral', we were looking at them, they were looking at us in total silence, then they started whispering to each other, in words we could not understand, obviously in Welsh as we were in Wales. It was one of those real awkward moments where you wished you had never come in, in the first place. You could really feel the atmosphere in the room and it was not good. I have been in situations like this before and it usually ends up in a punchup.

We headed for an empty table and started drinking and munching crisps as quietly as we could (have you ever heard of quiet crisps), we were a bit worried to start a conversation as all ears as well as eyes were on us, talk about a welcome in the valleys -Not!

I spotted an old musical juke box in the corner and went across slowly, and put a 50p coin in, and looked at the music selection. I only recognised one song that I knew 'star trekkin by the firm' and hit the button, headed back to my chair, and after a delay with a creak and a groan from the machine, the music started up.

Next second, and this has only happened a few times in my lifetime, the pub erupted in spontaneous song, all the locals were singing at the top of their voices, like it was a Welsh Choir, "Star trekkin across the universe. On the starship Enterprise under captain Kirk"

We just had to join in as it was so much fun, and a relief that the atmosphere had turned to joy and happiness. Then we got to the chorus, which is one of those add on chorus'es as the song progresses, and certain individuals were singing specific lyrics, like 'he's dead Jim' and 'ye canny change the laws of physics' I could tell this song had been played many a time and much practice made of it. So luckily I picked the right song that night, and we got on with the locals after that.

It was a night that still makes me chuckle

If you have not heard the Star Trekkin song, this will let you visualise how the locals sang with it LOL.....

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