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View Poll Results: Which level takes you the longest time to complete?
Atlantis (Tomb Raider 1) 0 0%
Temple Of Xian (Tomb Raider 2) 4 10.53%
Lud's Gate (Tomb Raider 3) 16 42.11%
The Lost Library (Last Revelation) 8 21.05%
Red Alert! (Chronicles) 0 0%
Hall Of Seasons (AOD) 0 0%
Maximum Containment Area (AOD) 0 0%
Parisian Ghetto (AOD) 0 0%
Peru (Legend) 0 0%
Kazakhstan (Legend) 1 2.63%
Obelisk Of Khamoon (Anniversary) 1 2.63%
Coastal Thailand (Underworld) 1 2.63%
Shanty Town (TR 2013) 0 0%
Soviet Installation (Rise Of The Tomb Raider) 0 0%
The Lost City (Rise Of The Tomb Raider) 1 2.63%
Paititi (Shadow Of The Tomb Raider) 6 15.79%
Voters: 38. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Which level takes you the longest time to complete?

Poll requested by GreenApple968.

We had a thread where we voted for which level in each TR game takes us the longest amount of time to complete, and which level takes us the shortest amount of time to complete. The thread is here: https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...d.php?t=226279
A tally was kept, and the levels that won at being the ones which take the longest amount of time to complete are all options in this poll. Out of those levels, which one takes you the longest amount of time to complete? Some games might have more than one option, and this will be because of there being ties.
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Considering Paititi takes up 80% of Shadow I can't see anything else in the franchise ever topping such monstrosity.
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sorry but this doesn’t make any sense. Paititi is such a massive hub that can’t really be compared to any other level in the series.
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and how do you complete Paiti exactly?
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That depends on how we define Paititi. If you just wade through the storymode without stopping for challenge tombs, collectives or side missions it doesn't take that long. If you do, then it's hands down the longest in the series.
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Paititi is like saying 'Alexandria' from TRIV. It's a hub compound by different tombs and sections, not an individual level like the rest.
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Lud's Gate for me.

I'm clueless about how to consider Paititi for this The sum of its storyline bits in the main area of the village? If so, short. Should we add side missions and/or storyline missions in Cenote, Temple Mountain and the Prison...then we'd have a winner on length.
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Out of these I had to go with the lost library from 4, don't remember a lot from that one as it was so vast with the backtracking and what not.
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I went with The Lost Library. I was going to go for Hall Of Seasons but then chose not to because a lot of it is the four surrounding levels, and not Hall Of Seasons itself. Thanks for the poll.
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I voted for The Lost Library, but it's still one of my favourite levels in the franchise. The demo version was really cool as well.
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