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Default A very specific request for Chronicles

I'm currently working on a ranking of the levels from The Last Revelation and Chronicles, but I have a little problem. I want my gameplay footage to like identical to the footage I have from my TR1-TR3 video. With the Widescreen patch, I've managed to make Lara's distance from the camera identical to the distance from the camera in my footage of the previous games.

I just CAN'T get it to work for Chronicles. The Widescreen patch sort of works for Chronicles, but completely different values are needed, and the resolution is terrible. If anyone knows how I can get my Chronicles footage to look EXACTLY like the example from TRIII and Last Revelation above, I will be incredibly thankful.
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OK so I'm not sure if you know this or if it will fix your issue but just in case you didn't know, Chronicles actually has built in widescreen functionality, but it crops the field of view. When you use the widescreen patch on Chronicles, try just enabling the "FOV" and "Camara Distance From Lara" and leave the widescreen option unchecked. I don't know if that will work, but I hope it helps.
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