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Default Playing the classics on a Macbook

Hi! I've been playing OpenLara on my mac + ps4 controller but was wondering if there was a way I can play the other classics on here too. I have them on my steam account (I used to have a lenovo laptop) but since getting a Mac this year I see they can't be played on here???

Any advice for a borderline technophobe would be much appreciated!!

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I recently helped @jacobryanburns set up TR2 (and TR5) on his Mac Mini.

We found that the easiest solution seems to be to install "PortingKit" and set up the games from there. It supports TR2 through TR5 and uses Wine / Wineskin to run the games.
The Steam versions don't seem to be supported -we used the ones from gog.com (they are very often discounted and you can get all the classics for a few bucks).

We got controller support working for TR2 via Arsunt's TR2Main patch, but that did no longer work with MacOS Monterey, so we had to switch to a Joystick mapper (I don't know which one, but most of them should work, I guess). Additionally, there was no CD audio in TR2 - but Arsunt suggested that installing the K-Lite codec pack into the Wine instance - but we haven't tried that yet.
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If all else fails there is always the option of playing the PS1-versions through an emulator. If that method even works on my OpenBSD-machine, I'm sure it'll work on Mac.
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