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Default Weird glitch where Lara will keep drawing and throwing away flares

I don't know how to exactly replicate it but seems to happen when you hold down a combination of the flare, crouch and sprint keys. Lara will begin drawing and immediately throwing away flares and won't stop until you've run out. Re-loading a save doesn't fix this, the only way to get rid of the bug is to exit and reboot the game. I've come across this glitch in TR2 and TR3 as well so it must be some sort of bug in the engine that never got patched out across the classic games. Has anyone else come across this?
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Once I thought my Gameboy advance was spamming one of the shoulder buttons but it turns out there was just raspberry jam sticking it down.
I haven't come across the flare bug you described
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Interesting, if you were able to record a video for it that would be nice
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I have had that happen once before on my TR4 PC version, but had no idea why. Did it till the flares ran out.

All I can think that was different, was that I was jumping between levels using Stella saves, as some levels have alternate routes, and wanted to play both routes.
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