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Sometimes I play.

P.S. Couldn't you ask this quastion in one of the existing topic?
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I play it in waiting rooms or when I'm done a test. Sometimes in mg bedroom. I usually wear the classic outfit cos it has the braid. I wish there was an AOD outfit.
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nope. it got overly complicated without actually bringing any complexity to its mechanics. it was fun back in 2015 tho.
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Yes! I wish we could get a new update
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No, unfortunately. My phone doesn't have enough space for it and it's not the sort of game I like to play on my pc. It's not available on Kindle.
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Originally Posted by Tombraider95 View Post
I was really into it when it originally came out, but when they did the update with the level system I went off it. I was stuck in a level in the desert section and couldn't get to the snowy mountain levels because of the level system.

I downloaded it again recently to try it again and had to start the level system from the beginning. I got bored with it again not long after and deleted it. It feels too much like a mobile app "pay to win", compared to when it first came out.
It was so good before the update! That one update just ruined it for me completely. The weapons got nerfed, enemies got too strong, I get killed way before I'm able to get close to collecting artifacts in later levels. It's just not fun anymore and I won't do all the grinding to be able to buy the upgrades. It's pay to win... no thanks.

Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
It wasn't a level system before ? What was it ?
Infinite mode is still available after completing a certain amount of levels, right? It used to be the infinite mode only, you played the level continuously, as far as you could get. Collecting coins and gems wasn't such a hassle, you didn't complete the level in parts, but all together - the learning curve was still there, you learned new things as you reached new level sections, and it was much more fun. Here's a video I made from an earlier version of the game, if you're interested.

I wish the update was reverted, I want to play the old version so bad.
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I used to play it a lot last month but it eventually got boring and I stopped playing
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Haven't played it since it got released. I remember it being particularly frustrating.
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I haven't played it in over a year. I finished what we had, bought the outfit I wanted, and then realized I was grinding for no real gain.

Surprised they didn't continue it. I would pay to play another level. Not $5, but $2 or $3.
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Lost interests kind of fast after the whole level system was added. Have there even been a major update, like a new area or such, since then?

I just go back to Lara Croft GO or Guardian of Light for my TR fix on mobile.
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