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Default How do you think Shadow will start?

I ask since it’s been said the demo takes place about 15 minutes into the game, so early but not quite the very beginning, which makes me wonder what the first segment is reserved for. The previous games had pretty intense opening set pieces, so do you think they’ll do the same with Shadow? Will it come in the form of a time skip or utilise flashbacks, like Rise did? Would you prefer something more relaxed?

After giving it some thought, I think it’d be cool if they started at the end. We’ve heard Camilla say that the ending was the hardest part for her to perform, which might be such a mindscrew to tease at the beginning without context. Think back to Underworld; we open with the Manor being destroyed with no explanation, and one of Lara’s friends openly attacks her. We then skip backwards and play up to that moment. You’re left with questions, doubts, which are ultimately a mislead. There’s no real betrayal on either Lara or Zip’s side.

But what if Shadow opened with Lara doing something truly divisive, or we’re shown something that can’t be denied or left ambiguous, like holding Jonah at knife point or vice versa. They exchange words that can’t be taken back, or whatever Lara does it’s clearly irreversible. We’re then launched back in time to Mexico amidst a festival and celebration, where they’re still friends, everything’s normal. I’d be pretty shooketh, especially if it was followed through and held much more weight when we got to that moment ourselves.
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I suspect Shadow will begin with the day of the dead celebrations, then shortly after we get the Tsunami.

There must be a flashback sequence of some sort too.

Like in Underworld & Rise.
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Maybe it's a 15 minutes résume of the entire canon all in CGI
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Patrick star
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I actually quite LOVED your idea , Grimaldi
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a flashback scene would be cool,perhaps a section in vatican city could be used in it
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Originally Posted by Patrick star View Post
I actually quite LOVED your idea , Grimaldi
Me too. I love the idea of starting near the end.
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It'll probably be neverending and have a lot of faux beginnings and take one hour for you to be freer. Like Rise did.
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I'm generally not a fan of flashforwards or *here's a scene* *them cuts to "24 HOURS EARLIER"*

Lazy writing and cheap gimmick to "create tension or intrigue" or whatever.

Start... When it actually starts! Wow!
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What if it starts immediately after Rise? We find out that the events of Shadow are only a couple days after.
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Originally Posted by TrustyBow View Post
What if it starts immediately after Rise? We find out that the events of Shadow are only a couple days after.
Wouldn’t that mean the comics after Rise are irrelevant and never happened?
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