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I think this may be my favorite part of the whole Tomb Raider reboot trilogy:

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As a game to speedrun (without any glitches or out-of-bounds tricks) it can be pretty fun, although endurance mode is were most of my playtime is.
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I recently completed Rise, and I'm currently going through Stella's guide to get the 100% completion. It's freaking awesome. I loved it. It kind of took over my life for a while as I was doing the storyline run through, as I hoped it would (first reboot game had the same effect).

I would put it below 2013, but only just, and only because the story of the original is so great, and the story of this one is a little... well it goes off in places, and the hidden nation*/guarding a sacred artefact/outsider gains trust and helps them/eternal life tropes are well worn and used.

But, they are still fun tropes and the story was enjoyable (I didn't see the twist coming) and given that the physical landscape in which all this is set is so detailed, immersive, and fun to explore, good enough is good enough. You really do get sucked into it, especially once you get to the geo thermal valley.

And... Croft Manor is back!! And it's always raining!! But the mystery hunt was great. And it has a zombie mode too apparently which I haven't got onto yet.

On the downsides, the jumping and climbing seemed to be overly assisted, if that makes sense. Lara has become an Olympic long jump champion since Yamatai, apparently. Lara jumping in this game is like:


But can't complain too much about that, I was trying to get to the other side safely after all. It just isn't always finessed in how it looks on screen.

Originally Posted by Valentino View Post
the pure patheticness of Jonah getting kidnapped (Seriously no reason for them to kidnap him, just take the atlas that's in his hands. And THEN Trinity interrogate him for.....information? What information exactly? And then when Jonah gets the chance to shoot Konstantine, Jonah just stands there with his mouth open dribbling like "duuuuhhhhh"..... and then gets himself stabbed! )
Yep. Jonah was a liability in this one. It's like, don't you "Little bird" me, Mister. Why don't you try not getting kidnapped, stabbed, and generally messing up my attempts to topple an international religious mercenary organisation while protecting a sacred and powerful artefact and bringing peace and safety to a people who have lived in fear for centuries - then we'll talk about reinstating your little ornithological pet name.

Originally Posted by Los Angeles View Post
It has snow. I like snow.
Couldn't agree with this sentiment more.

Originally Posted by killchan View Post
As a game to speedrun (without any glitches or out-of-bounds tricks) it can be pretty fun, although endurance mode is were most of my playtime is.
....and I haven't even tried endurance mode yet!
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I bought the remastered collection for my Series X. I own all three games on my PS4 but 15 for all three games with all DLC just seemed like a bargain.

I played the reboot and actually appreciate it a lot more now than I did then but honestly I'm just not feeling Rise. Graphically it's still lovely and the Geothermal valley looks nice now too. I've got to the part just after Lara rescues Jonah so I know I'm a good ways in and I can't seem to find the will to continue. Knowing the rehashed final ascent, the wasted opportunity of Kitezh and the 'boss fight' with the chopper is coming just really puts me off.

I don't know why I don't enjoy this game. It does everything the reboot does and in many ways polishes it up more. I just can't warm up to it though.
... in my opinion.

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I think Rise is a very good game but the E3 2014 trailer just makes it look lame by comparison. I sort of felt mislead with the game I got which contributed to my early dislike of it.
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I’ve been replaying Rise in an effort to get all of the achievements for every tomb raider game, and I have to say… Rise is one of the best games in the series in my opinion. Though one thing I cannot get past is the fact that all of the Remnants speak English with American accents. It drives me crazy lol. They should have just made Lara multilingual for immersion’s sake. Or at the very least given them Russian accents. It’s so jarring to me.
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Originally Posted by SSfox View Post
I think this may be my favorite part of the whole Tomb Raider reboot trilogy:

Yeah I love these little nods. Also the bit in Winston's diary where he talks about being locked in the freezer!
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The 20th Anniversary edition of Rise with all the DLC and improved graphics is on sale for 5 until next Wednesday on the PS Store.

I'm gonna pick it up and replay it. Played all of the reboot trilogy games twice each and Rise has been my favourite. Played it on an original Xbox One the last two times though, and now have a PS5 and a new 4k TV to play it on (humble brag) so excited to get going again.
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