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Default Cheapest price for the game

What's been the cheapest price you've seen AOD selling for either online or in a second hand shop.

75 cents is the cheapest I've ever seen it, I saw it earlier when I was browsing in CEX it's also the cheapest price I've ever seen for a second hand PS2 game in CEX, most PS2 games on sale in CEX cost between 5 and 10 euro and sometimes can go as low as 2 euro, 75 cents is as low as I've ever seen it go.
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I have bought the cheapest copy I have ever seen, which was 0.25 (British Pounds Sterling) from CEX. I was so shocked and even though I already have it for PS2, for 25p I wouldn't resist.
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Jorje Croft
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I don't have PS2 but I bought new disc years ago for 6$
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Free, actually. There was a time when they released a trial version, which was really the full game with some time limit, I don't remember how long. But then if you applied the perfectly legal official patch to your perfectly legal trial version, it disabled the time limit, so you had the full game legally for free, lol. This kind of blunder just shows what development hell this game must have gotten through.
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I remember it being 44p on Steam once
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$1.75 on steam, cheapest I seen on PS2 was around $5
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