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Unhappy My Laptop Did Updates, Now I've Lost Everything That Was On My Laptop

I can't say that this had ever happened to me before. But my laptop did updates and this has resulted in me losing everything that was on my laptop; files, videos, documents, downloads, etc. It's as if I'm using my laptop for the first time; everything is history. Is there anyway of recovering what was on my laptop? I would be willing to pay for professionals to do it, if that's what it comes down to.
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First thing to do would be to stop using the laptop immediately. Depending on what actually happened, any usage of the drive your data was on could permanently destroy data by overwriting it.

Next step would be to find out what actually happened. Which operating system version did you have before, which one do you have now? Do you remember any messages / prompts before / during the process?
Witth a bit of luck there is a backup of your data stored on the drive - if one was created during the update. But again, if you're not sure what happened you should no longer use that laptop until your data is restored / a full backup of your drive is made.
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What @ANoDE said plus what I do in such situations (not sponsored) I connect the drive to another PC as non boot drive and install Active tools. First I try with Active Partition recovery and if that doesn't pick up your old volume - you are kinda doomed at recovering your files on your own at least. But you can try examining the new volume see if there is some lost and found folder (in the Active application) or some other hidden files. Also as last resort you can scan for specific files in the drive with the Active File Recovery tool.

Also another option is to use an external computer to create Active bootable USB or DVD and boot from that on the computer with lost data.

And obviously there is the option to go to a paid service to restore your data - I have bad experience with such though - in my case they recovered my huge legal PS2 OPL collection of ISO's (GBs) but didn't my super complex free rotations read function for AOD CONFIG.INI (few kbs).

And then in general (as I learned) unless you have some abandonware you want to save (in which case your options are BetaArchive or external HDD) you should just put important stuff in your cloud storage (I use OneDrive but I was lucky to keep my 31 GB so can't recommend to everyone right now).
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I found this... maybe you have the same problem?
So firstly, it is important to understand the problem . . .

When Windows performs large updates, a temp user profile is created and Windows uses that to apply the update, then at the end of the update, Windows is meant to switch back into your correct User Profile.

When things go wrong, this switching back does not happen, so you are currently logged into a Temporary Profile, whether it looks like it or not . . .

Therefore, any changes you make, moving files into that profile, installing software . . etc. will not be retained after a restart, because that profile is destroyed each time and a new temp profile created on start . . .

The solution to this problem is usually very simple - restart (not shut down) you PC 4 times in a row, each time let Windows get to the Desktop, before the next restart. The logic behind this fix is, it prompts Windows to complete the update and restore the original user profile, complete with files and applications

If that does not work for you, the best and only option is to create a new user profile and log into that, then whatever changes you make to your PC will b retained after a restart. . . .

Open the Settings App

Go to Accounts - Family and other People

Click 'Add someone else to this PC'

Follow the prompts to create a new account

Close the settings app

Log out of that Temp user account

Log into your new user account
I don't know if this is the right solution or not... so...
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As has already been stated, stop using your drive. The more you use it, the harder it will be to recover data if the data has been deleted.

Do you remember how full your drive was before the upgrade and can you see how full it is now? What is the diff? Is it possible the data has been moved rather than deleted?
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I'd like to thank everyone for your replies. It seems that my laptop has gone back to normal and everything is back on it. I have also backed up what's important.
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