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Default Concept for a Tomb Raider sequel: Blood Jade of Fate (African mythology)

Credit to LitoPerezito for the background image.

Blood Jade of Fate (plot synopsis)

Set five years after the harrowing events of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Blood Jade of Fate sees Lara Croft's adventure continue to new and bold heights. After reuniting with a past acquaintance in Zanzibar, Lara is informed of an Egyptian artefact being sold at a private art auction in Maputo. Upon learning that the object contains a hidden inscription to the fabled kingdom of Houssa, Lara races past new enemies across several lands and contends against the forces of fate to uncover the paradox that befell a once legendary empire.

A year ago, I wrote a plot summary in a thread for a Tomb Raider sequel, that was based on the Polynesian mythology of Hawaiki. This time, I thought I would slightly tackle a new mythology, once that hasn't been covered in this series previously.

As part of this concept, I proposed an idea for the sequel, that would preferably take place five years after the events of Shadow. During that lengthy period of time, Lara would get an opportunity to reflect on her past, resolve her doubts and regain a new sense of purpose, that will allow her to be unburdened in her next adventure. I will try my best to expand on a plot summary for this concept over the next few days, because I think it would be nice to get a sense of overview of the narrative/story. Though, of course, this concept hinges on a vital aspect, which is a revitalisation of the mechanics of the reboot trilogy including fundamental changes that should occur in this sequel such as:

1) Complete overhaul of the gameplay and animation system
2) Less scripted events and no annoying QTE's
3) More exploratory tombs, hubs and a hybrid metroidvania-like gameplay
4) Revamped climbing, jumping and swimming mechanics
5) A complete change to the gritty tone and subpar writing from the trilogy
6) Dual pistols and the return of Lara's backpack, braid and classic/aviator sunglasses
7) An overhauled combat system with melee focus
8) Real time dynamic weather and day-night transitions
9) A sassy, witty and sarcastic version of Lara Croft
10) Rewarding puzzle set pieces and traps that provide a sense of challenge, outclassing anything from the trilogy games
11) More methods of transportation, including vehicles, planes and boats
12) The return of the Croft Manor
13) Dynamic wide linear environments

For all the TR fans on this site, I would love to hear your thoughts on this concept for a future sequel. Please, if you have anything you would like for me to add to the list above, let me know as I would be happy to include them.

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So far so good. Looking forward to read more about the mythology.
"If it's unique or exciting, I go after it." ó Lara Croft
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Ooh I like that myth idea! Iím looking forward to reading your idea in more detail.
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