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I don't know the PS2 control scheme, but my guess is they just reused the same key on PC as it was on PS2, like they did with earlier TR games (the roll button is probably easy to access on the PS2 controller).
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Originally Posted by Samz View Post
Actually I think it's been around since TR1, I at least remember it being a thing in TR2.

It's just..well, there was never really a need to and in all of the classic TR games, it's only mentioned in the manual in a brief throwaway line.
I just checked TR3 and it isn't in there (I tried the targets/winston in the manor). She does automatically switch targets a lot faster though.
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roll button in PS2 is square.
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Originally Posted by ANoDE View Post
Wow, very cool. Thanks for this

-- Edit --
Ok, so I actually just gave up on this game. That Boaz fight is the worst thing I have ever had to endure in my whole gaming history. I might have been desperate enough to see the ending when I was younger - but now, I simply don't have time for this crap. Kurtis moves like he is glued to the floor and ALWAYS focuses the wrong hotspot (usally the one that is already disabled).
Whoever decided that this boss fight was ready to go into the game needs to be hired just to be fired again.

Don't get me wrong - I love AoD, or better, I love what it could have been - but this is simply the final straw. I'm this close to throwing my controller against my monitor - and that would be sad, because it's new.

-- Edit --
Finished it thanks to stella. This must have been the first time in the whole game, that you actually HAVE to press Roll to switch targets.
Boaz is a pain in the *ss. But can be beaten. I don't consider her as a difficult boss.

When I first played Tomb Raider - Anniversary and took a fight with the centaurs it took me some days... Countless times I tried to beat them with no effect. The dodge effect was to difficult to master on the pc. I read the stella website and decided to cheat. A second time playing the game finally beat the horrible centaurs

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I agree about the centaurs. TRAOD boss fights were difficult only if you didn't know about commando crawl or target switching. TRA centaurs though are still difficult even when you know the entire moveset. Tbh I remember beating them only once lol.
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I was stuck in the Torso for weeks cuz I couldn't do the adrenaline dodge in time lol
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This Tomb Raider game can always be the very fun game for me to have lots of fun playing with it as well!! Now Eidos shouldn't be at any position to rush the angel of darkness game out of Core Design while Core Design was developing Tomb Raider Chronicles simultaneously.
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when i first joined TRF, one of my first threads was about AOD cheat codes and trying to obtain a action replay disc. And finally I get this in the mail! another AOD copy added to my collection this time accompanied by this action replay cheat disc

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That cover is amazing! ...Can you really get moon gravity?
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(deleted post)

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