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60 Frames is what I like in all my games. It doesn't always happen though. Horizon Zero Dawn plays at 30 frames and you can hardly tell due to its sheer beauty and and how well Guerrilla repurposed Decima from Killzone. I wanted a better word; its not coming to mind. Halo 5 plays at 60 frames, buutt....you can clearly see drops in some maps or levels of the campaign. Its not even a 1080p game, and I think Horizon is, or is closer to that. Halo 6 better run at 1080p/60FPS WITH split screen....

I'd prefer action games at 60, like shooters, and as close to 1080p as possible. Not even Halo 2 Anniversary made it to 1080p - that was 900p. Just to maintain 60 frames. If an RPG can make it to 60 on Xbox or PS that would be great. Seeing their limitations makes me thinking they'll barely hit 60 frames and land their graphics in the ball park between 900 and 1080p.
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