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Commandos 3 Destination Berlin

Well I finished C3 again and it's honestly dissapointing.

While I love most of the additions the poorly balanced gameplay and general feel of being short and rushed seriously brings it down.

It's basically the Tomb Raider Chronicles of the Commandos series.
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Police Stories.

Nice game. Not ideal, but it was good time spending. Maybe just a nostalgia to SWAT series...
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Finished the LAU trilogy. Decided to replay them too if I already got this far into the series finishing my OG Lara TR1-6 marathon.

Pretty ridiculous how Underworld's DLCs are still xbox exclusive after a decade.
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Resident Evil 3

Still super hyped for the remake
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Haunting Ground, because why waste money and brain cells on The Last Guardian when we already have a game with a dog that might or might not follow your orders.
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Resident Evil Director's cut

Amazing game! I can see myself playing this at age 90 before dying. No wonder this gem spawned a series.
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Linoshi Croft
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Luigi's Mansion 3.

An enjoyable game. It finished up at the right time, as I was beginning to get a little bored of it. Sadly, the finale was a bit meh.

Breath of the Wild

I have owned this game since buying my switch, yet I've not completed it till now. It was fun, but I'm not sure if I can be bothered will all the side content.
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Shenmue 3.

It's a great open world game with a great story and lots of different activities that you can do in it.

The only things that keep it from becoming a perfect game:
-Combat isn't that good.(And in harder difficulty you have to put more time in training)
-You can't skip dialogues.(Which often forces you to listen to repetitive/useless dialogues that you can't skip.)
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Resident Evil 2 (1998)

One of my favorite games ever! 10/10 a pure classic.

Next stop: RE3 Nemesis
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Tomb Raider
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Man of Medan

I got this because it was on sale on psn. I have Until Dawn but never managed to get into it despite trying twice, but this one seemed more my kind of story........ exploring a shipwreck somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

It was ok. It only takes a few hours to complete but it still dragged a bit for me towards the end. I wasn't scared at all and I didn't like the controls - the characters walking really slowly irked me but not being able to use the right stick to change direction was the most annoying. I kept missing doorways and had to awkwardly steer around certain places. It meant I stopped wanting to explore.

Which is a shame because it looks beautiful and is really atmospheric. I would have loved to explore environments like this more fully.

The QTE were very challenging but I appreciated the difficulty on that. And didn't mind that I lost a couple of people because I failed a few (more than few ).

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