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Originally Posted by supraspecies View Post
For me proper holsters are more important than corrections to the engine. But what exactly is that "patched engine" anyway?

I'll take a look. This is the Turkish EXE, right? You mention there are some other fixes in it? What else do I need? I mean, how would I test it? I doubt my version of the game even has Turkish.
The reason you don't use this EXE is because of the grenade fix only? Wouldn't it be simpler to just disable grenade fix within this EXE then?

EDIT: Just downloaded it. What the hell is this EXE anyway? 22 kilobytes, opposed to 722 kilobytes of the original. It doesn't even launch my game. Nor does it look like an actual game EXE. My guess is that it's a launcher of some sort to some other file.
Yes you're right i'm so silly. The thing is it is launcher just like you said. And it changes the language and add subtitles. So the actual exe is tomb4_.exe . And I've just realised it.

And these are images of the game with this weird modified exe.

And this is the download link with the actual exe and its launcher:
If someone implement the holster fixes and other fixes except for the
grenade fix because it breaks the game in Tomb Of Semerkhet. I would be grateful. LateRaider thank you for your helps but i didn't want language support i just wanted to implement the fixes into my modified exe.

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