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Originally Posted by Lwmte View Post
No, it is not intentional, it's just badly designed state code. Core dudes forgot to add a check if new Lara's position in next frame has any monkeyswing flag on the block below or not. So when she arrives to a block without monkeyswing, it's already too late to stop her from going there. As you noted, it doesn't occur when she's bordering a block with a large height difference, because height checks are there.
Ah. Fascinating. Is there any way to mod the game to fix this?
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I guess when TR3Main project will be available, then yes (and also all other next engines, such as tomb5). TEN also has natively fixed this bug, along with many other original issues related to collisions.
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I'm currently replaying TR3 on PC (steam version) and OMG Lara has "slipped" while grabbing ledges so many times. It does almost feel like they coded certain ledges to be unclimbable, just to trick you.
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