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View Poll Results: After seeing gameplay, are you interested in playing Tomb Raider Reloaded?
Yes I'm hyped! 5 3.13%
Unsure, I'll give it a go 34 21.25%
No thank you. 121 75.63%
Voters: 160. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 11-12-20, 20:20   #11
DJ Full
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The only thing this game has reloaded is my anger...
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Old 11-12-20, 20:23   #12
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No. I couldn't care less about this "game" or whatever it's supposed to be.
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Old 11-12-20, 20:48   #13
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No. And not even a "thank you".
What an embarrassment.
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Old 11-12-20, 21:46   #14
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Nah it looks boring asf, I'd rather play MDickie games, these are gems honestly.
I apologize in advance.
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Old 11-12-20, 21:52   #15
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I support quality products. Not cheap things made to make money with the TR brand.
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Old 11-12-20, 21:55   #16
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To be honest, I've been having a lot of mindless fun with Archero since yesterday (yes, I'm ashamed and judging myself) so I'll be sure to enjoy Reloaded in the same way. Although I wouldn't go as far to say I'm "hyped" so I voted for the 2nd option.

To put it simply, the kind of gameplay it provides will no doubt get boring after a week or so; it is definitely the kind of game you will want to have numerous breaks from, if not give up on entirely eventually. Why they chose TR for this is beyond me.

Which brings me to my next point: I'm honestly not sure what they're hoping to gain from this. I'm sure this kind of model is somewhat popular and people spend some money on it but why use the Tomb Raider IP? The demographics don't match at all. No way TR fans will actually ever spend money on this. I wish I could understand what Square are thinking but there's probably no point.
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Old 12-12-20, 02:46   #17
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No thank you. This “game” is an insult to the fanbase. Especially the classic fanbase.
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Old 12-12-20, 03:13   #18
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I don't really play mobile games - especially F2P ones, because the usually are tedious and boring after a short time. After the teaser I was hopeful that Reloaded might be something as cool al LC:Go , but the gameplay trailer destroyed my hopes.
Just another boom-boom-bash click galore with multiple levels of random upgrades that will most probably have you pay top dollar in order to get to the good stuff. Simply not my cup of tea, I'm afraid.

Let's see what else this 'celebratory year' is going to offer.
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Old 12-12-20, 06:36   #19
Relic Hunter
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So I just went to view the gameplay on YouTube, and oh my gosh...

You couldn't write this ****. It's a bad joke at this point They just don't care.

Well I'll get my rainbow clown wig back out, I was actually prepared to be open-minded about this. Still, it's free I guess.

How hard is "faithful remake of the classic games with refined visuals and gameplay" to understand? We're not asking them to make Mars habitable so we can colonise it, it's actually a very simple thing they need to do to please classics fans.

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Old 12-12-20, 09:07   #20
Tomb Raider
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No thank you. This game is a direct insult towards the classic and I won't justify its existence.
Don't mind me. I'm just here for Tomb Raider news.
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