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................................................. and that's a positive? With respect, I do not think so.

LC is a lone wolf, makes decisions on her own for good or bad.

Introducing or it feels more like shoe-horning in additional characters via the comms, particularly male ones,telling her what to do where to go or more usually just inanely wittering on even smacks of being patronising both in regard to LC and the player.

I find it annoying.

"When one's words are no better than silence one should keep silent."

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Whether you find it positive or negative, but it was enough for CD to adapt it into all of their games they developed thus far. I also prefer my TR games to be chit-chat free but you can't deny that this feature from TR5 defined the writing structure of its successors from the LAU trilogy (except Anniversary) to the Reboot trilogy.
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Hmm, a positive thing to say about this game: the puzzles were fairly challenging, it had a few decent boss battles.
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Lara's next adventure.
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Just from the lighting (or lack thereof) I can tell you're not using tomb5, you may want to, it has a lot of QoL improvements and more importantly, tons of bug fixes
releases page
installation and usage guide
changelog for full list of fixes
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