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Enya Brennan
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I for one have nothing against Paititi nor the idea behind it as a hub and all the lore it entails. Itís majestic in size but humble in nature, the folklore and the mythology that the inhabitants and the surroundings convey is honestly unmatched in any of the previous attempts throughout the trilogy and I really appreciated the effort, time and love that went into developing the area.

Itís diverse enough thanks to its districts and has enough side locations that bring exploration on different degrees, heights and directions. I had to look left, right, above and below to explore every inch possible, but the whole system is pretty broken in my opinion and needs serious reworking in terms of how item hunting is approached, but thatís an entirely different discussion.

Ultimately, as a technological feat, Paititi is outstanding (to the point of implementing a feature that even its designers are having a hard time trying to remove), but it creates a self-contained space that pushes the rest of the hubs away and demands a lot of patience to be fully enjoyed. It just gets lost in its ambition and prevents itself from being beneficial.
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my favourite levels are the jungle so far.
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