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I just finished to see Inferno with Tom Hanks and it was good as usual even if I think Ron Howard realisation was a little lazy this time. But this is the spirit I want for the sequel of Tomb Raider Movie.
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I love artistic movies that get me thinking a lot afterwards. This one was done right, I really liked it.
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Barry, Season 2
It gets sooooo dark, but there are such hilarious moments. Better than the first season. Hader is sensational, I'm disappointed NoHo Hank didn't have more screentime but he continues to be a great derp, Stephen Root is fantastic, and Winkler continues to be good, but I think he's better in the first season. That feral child girl ep is the best in the show. She's straight from some horror movie, but it's very funny in a freaky way.

Chernobyl, Episode 1
It's good! But my word, those accents are so distracting. But I get the reasoning. They are telling a story written, produced, directed by Brits, so the need to make it more authentically Russian isn't their prerogative, just like if Russia made a show about some non-Russian storyline, it'd likely still be in Russian.
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Barry's season 2 is incredible. I agree that it's better than season 1 (which was already really good). I thought Sarah Goldberg (Sally) was also excellent this season, that monologue in episode 7 was fantastic.

I'm rewatching Parks and Recreation, currently on season 2.
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