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Default Could gamma adjustment be a thing?

I plan to also ask the TEN devs about this, but Titak suggested I check here in case there was some way to implement it in TRNG (so blame her for possibly silly questions )

Would it be possible, through a FLEP patch, plugin or other means, to introduce a brightness/gamma adjustment menu?

What prompted this question was a level that I'd seen some development of. It looked fine in all the screenshot and video, but renders much darker on my screen, to the point where it is nearly unplayable. I imagine the reverse would be true and when I finally get something out it could well be too bright for some monitors. If builders could add a menu for players to adjust it to their liking that could go some way to solving brightness level issues in future levels.

If it's not possible, well, it's not. But doesn't hurt to ask.
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