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Let's have this settled.
Here's a recording of me using the original Installer program on the original disc in dosbox.

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https://twitter.com/XProger_san/stat...52294248058880 it's from TITLE.PHD
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Originally Posted by XProger View Post

and should one want for some reason now invoke on the fly just that part of TRI setup as far as it's within a dosbox session (to take advantage of the soundblaster 16/AWE32 emulation for compatibility, the way it's got to be set in hmiset.cfg)
that is still feasible if you open dosbox.conf
scroll down to:

# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
and write these lines:

mount c .
imgmount d c:\tombeng.cue -t iso -fs iso
also at
# fullscreen -- Start dosbox directly in fullscreen.
set fullscreen=true

now run dosbox.exe straight from windows explorer and that's it you're in sound setup

of course better delete those autoexec instructions afterwards
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My favorite Lara phrase is in the TR2 shower saying "Don't you think you have seen enough" followed by a shotgun blast
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How interesting it is that it was found in the TITLE.PHD, so it would make sense that it would play when you press for a new game.

I came across this variant of this quote in a video dated November 1997.

The soundbite is here. I don't know if the two parts are meant to be together, but this was how it was on the video.

Oh, the video is called 'The Rise of Britsoft'. It's from the BBC archives, talking of British video game companies - showing unused or practise Lara Croft motion capture for a possible animated Tomb Raider cartoon.
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That was a great watch, thanks for sharing!

I guess, originally, that sentence was intended to include 'I'm all yours' - but probably the devs realized that that was a bit too cheesy.

Also, back in the day Lara's chest seems to have been at the centre of attention quite a bit. Something I didn't realize as a boy back then.
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You're quite welcome.

I agree that the 'I'm all yours' is out of place and so maybe it was for some form of advertising. I hadn't heard it before, nor had I ever heard of the motion capture part.
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