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Default Win 10 does not shut down NOR restart after latest update

Hi all,

So this seems like a really bizarre issue - After the latest win10 update from the 17th Oct, my OS would behave upon shutting it down and even restarting as if I was sending it to hibernate instead, ie. the screen would go black but all my hw devices inside the case would still run. However, unlike with hibernate I am no longer able to boot it up again from there - I always have to force the computer to a shutdown by holding the power button.

A lot of people have reported having this/a similar issue and I have tried all the different solutions I was able to find throughout these. Meddling with the power management settings, uninstalling the update in safe mode, restoring the system to an earlier point, even clearing the CMOS. Nothing is helping, so I'm starting to feel like something might be really wrong with my HW.

Might anyone have any ideas?
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Have you checked the Device manager for missing drivers? Does the eventlog contain any unusual entries?
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If you think it's caused by the latest update, roll back to the previous version.

I had a similar issue last year, changing the (aging) power supply fixed it.
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I don't know if you've tried this solution, so just in case I post it here, it could aso help other people.

Since Windows 8 there is a new "feature" that appeared, "fast startup", which makes the boot time shorter by not actually shutting down the computer but putting it in a kind of deep sleep mode.

Although it can be convenient, it is known to cause issues when using Windows. It can be disabled, but it happens that Microsoft silently enables the feature back while doing some updates.

Another issue is that some computers have issues with hibernation. It could be that your computer is one of them, and that Windows has that fast startup feature enabled.

I'll let you read this article to find why and how to disable it, and see if it solves it or not.

Maybe it's not the issue though, as you say it also does this when restarting, which shouldn't be affected by fast startup.
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