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Cat Woman
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Question Gourd Challenge (one left)

I have completed 99% of the game. I am missing tossing the gourd into the barrel behind the white fence and hidden by a branch. I have tried tossing the gourd numerous times but cannot get a clear path to this barrel. any suggestions?
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I really don't think there's any trick except trying until you get it. Try every possible way, like throwing up real high and aiming for it to go straight in "no net", if that doesn't work try to get it to bump onto the opening so it falls in, or bum onto a tree first if one is close so it can get in the barrel.
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I think it will be easier if I show my video. I hope it can help.

Around 17:50.

My method works with all of them, and you don't really have to focus on the barrels much.
Focus on the circle. Bring it to the edge of the barrel at the top, and then bring it up slowly until it "disappears". It sits somewhere at the top, so this is the perfect time to throw the gourd.
If the circle is still visible at the edge or it goes on the wood plank behind, just take a few steps back and try again.
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