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There's no need for Paige vs Prue, both are far better than Phoebe or Piper (in the later seasons) anyway. They're both good in their own ways. I prefer the early seasons which happen to have prue.

One thing I will say is that recently watching its a mad mad... World season finale. The part where Phoebe gets shot and Paige is calling out "help someone, help, help, someone help" over and over again with no emotion whilst Phoebe is laying there sleeping looks pretty amateur compared to when Piper is shot and Prue is calling out for help in tears whilst Piper is suffering. Shannen was a great director. A small comparison which I noticed!
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I honestly don't get the Paige love. She was such an inconsistent character from season to season and at times she was just infuriatingly unlikeable. Paige had 5 seasons and I feel showed less genuine character development than Prue in her 3. I never got that from Piper who felt like she had a more normal character development given the events. It did come to be the phoebe show far too often though I will give that.
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I loved all the sisters. Prue sacrificed her life to take care of her family and even after that she still did what she had to in order to make sure they were safe.

Piper is also my favorite because of how she developed. She was so quiet and shy in the early seasons, but then opened up and became such a badass and strong. Her relationship with Leo and stories with Chris and Wyatt were some of my favs.

Phoebe was the comical sister, especially in the early seasons she was the wild child. Always getting herself in trouble, the later seasons had her struggling trying to balance her life which is understandable because balance is a hard thing to find. Although she should have listened to Paige when it came to Jason.

Paige, she was a breath of fresh air, she had so many comical and light hearted moments that brought a lightness to the show. Her episode however about her parents will always be my favorite alongside the one where Paige told Piper that it was ok to hate Prue. The show set up Paige's background so perfectly.

I loved all the characters in Charmed.
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Episode 8 of Charmedless was actually starting to get interesting... and then it ended
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"Charmedless" . I'm playing catchup, need to watch this ep.

Edit: so I watched #8. It's doing enough to keep me interested, but I can't put my finger on what it is, but there's something missing. Maybe it's the sisters. I've taken to Macy, the scientist one, but I just can't quite get there with the other two. I'm also unsure about the elders and even Harry being so involved. Though, I must say, I approve of the white suit look over the robes from the original series. Also, are all elders women?
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