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This fan level looks promising !
Get rid of the gameplay restriction
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I often come back to check up on this project. This is absolutely my DREAM. I've been wanting a TR level editor for years and years, and was even told it was a possibility by Karl Stewart after the launch of TR2013. Unfortunately, the tools were never polished for a public SDK as they had originally planned. Even an in-game tomb editor would add so much replayability and sense of community to the game.

I'm so thankful for this and I will definitely consider our next big project being a full-fledged Tomb Raider game using this framework once it's polished enough. Hopefully one day it will have styles other than AoD Lara haha.

I'm an owner of a community create group and ambitious fan projects is literally what we do. I've been wanting to pitch a Tomb Raider fan game for so long, but starting completely from scratch makes the likeliness of that happening very slim.
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I have a fangame in mind too, and I think this framework will be a big boost for it. However, I'm afraid I'm way too ambitious, and sooner or later probably I'll need help from others. I'm not shooting for the stars, nooo, but I'm a perfectionist. Anyhow, at least it's good practice.
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