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Originally Posted by SoraSakai View Post
Technically speaking, yes. A port could’ve been done.

But timing wise and financially speaking it would make no sense.
That was exactly the point that was made though
Originally Posted by TR1249 View Post
Just get with the time grandpa. There won't be any X360 ports, especially when we're close to the new generation. Pathetic to even spam the forums with this kind of nonsense.
It feels weird to me that the PS4/X1 era is already ending, it doesn't feel like it actually lasted a decent amount of time.

I'm so ready to see how things are going to look next gen though
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Originally Posted by VictorXD View Post
I'm so ready to see how things are going to look next gen though
Just not PS1-to-PS2 level of better.

I think the plan for next generation is to make things easier with no loss in graphical fidelity (e.g. going for real time processing instead of baked/prerendered effects) while being able to deliver on the gameplay and framerate, rather than just make the games look "better" (whatever that means).
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Originally Posted by VictorXD View Post
That was exactly the point that was made though
Oh really? My bad lol
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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
No, I was speaking in general, I had no more to say about your issue with the 360. I played the game, took some great shots, and felt like sharing them to show case the effects and the demand this game has.

I really don't get why your so anal about Shadow not being on 360, 360 is a dead console, dead in the water and will never be supported by any company again ever.
I find your honesty, quite refreshing charmedangelin. Some people just don't understand that it would have wasted Eidos or another company's time and effort to port SOTTR to last gen consoles with substantial downgrades when they needed to focus on delivering the game to a certain standard on current gen consoles and PC. If they committed to such an ill advised strategy, it would have been a nonsensical move at best.

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But were people really expecting a old-gen version of SotTR? RotTR still came during the transition period (late transition if we are honest) and only because of the exclusivity deal. Feasible or not, a last-gen version of SotTR would be a very bad decision, especially for consoles which stopped being produced two (XB360) or one year (PS3) before the games release.

Now, a Switch version would have been swell, but still, considering the engine probably doesn't natively support the console, and that it would definitely need a lot of proper optimization (especially Paititi), I also can see why we didn't get it in there either. But hey, if Dragon Quest XI S is a success, maybe that will make SE port more current games to the switch, and we can have proper portable Tomb Raider games.
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anything above 85 on metracritic is consider good game thats what they said in my pc gamer mag
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