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I binged Squid Game yesterday.
Very well done! It filled the void left in me from Black Mirror. It’s dark, twisted, mysterious, and well done in its execution. No pun intended.

I think the last few episodes get a little stale but overall I enjoyed it.
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No Time to Die

So glad the Craig era is over. I hope they reboot the reboot and don't do a timeline that corners itself into an aging Bond or recurring villains or love interests. He gives my favorite Bond performance in Casino Royale but overall is my least favorite Bond. (I don't count George Lazenby's performance as I barely payed attention to his movie).

Thankfully, this didn't suck, but considering we had to wait SIX YEARS, it wasn't really worth it but was enjoyable enough. It's well made but not really that impressive. It has some sentimentality to it without being sappy or eyeroll inducing. I felt given how much went into this movie, it could have been better...but holy crap this could have been an absolute disaster and I'm grateful it wasn't.

Madeleine Swann, once again, has terrible screen presence and isn't interesting or convincing as a love interest or character in general. The movie focuses entirely on her in some way and while I don't really fault the actress, she was not giving me anything, really. Lea Seydoux is flawlessly beautiful without needing to be a sexy vixen femme fatale and looks way younger. She's got such a radiant glow about her. But in the words of Miranda Priestly..."that's all."

Eva Green as Vesper Lynd was electric and drew me in from the first to last second she was on screen. She's my favorite Bond character overall. But Casino Royale is by far the best Bond film, in fact, it feels like it's better than the series deserves, so it's unfair to compare the two characters or movies but it is unavoidable.

Ana de Armas's section was the the best part of the movie. Rami Malek was a serviceable villain but I didn't really get what the hell he was going on about. Nomi was cool, but could have been given more to do. I feel like they only scratched the surface of her character and if I weren't so eager to leave behind this Craig-era Bond universe...I wouldn't have minded a sole Nomi spin-off. I liked the Russian(?) scientist character.

This is better than Quantum of Solace, which was so short and suffered from the writer's strike but I thought it was an okay film. But it is one of the weakest in the series (I've only seen 17/25). Skyfall is waaaay better and it's in my top 5. Spectre's first 2/3's was better than NTTD although I absolutely hated the corny "brother" angle with Blofeld and found M. Swann to be so incredibly lifeless and uninteresting with no chemistry with Bond, you'd think she was Kristen Stewart being paired with a tree branch covered in feces as love interests.

The Blofeld scene in this film, however, was actually good! Nice of them to not overdo it as I really disliked him in Spectre.

It could have used more humor. What they give us is kind of subtle and not in your face or corny (like innuendos about orgasms or soemthing stupid like that) but more would have been welcome.

I was so glad it didn't feel like 2 hours and 46 minutes. I was really dreading that runtime. It only starts too feel too long towards the end.

I like that they mostly tied up everything from this 5-film series - there's just the issue of was WWIII started after all? And it was nice to have more "private life" stuff with Bond, rather than just action and stunts and espionage. It gives much more depth to the character. I was fine with the ending and it was ballsy to kill off Bond, but again, with how much continuity that they built over 5 movies, it wasn't like they were going to continue the franchise with this version of the character, since they reference Bond being older and setting him up to finally retire and settle down...again...or at least try to. So there was no hope in sight for anything other than death or some impossible "happily ever after."

The God-tier
Casino Royale
A View to a Kill
Dr. No
The World is Not Enough (I might be influenced by liking the game in ranking it this high and getting the two experiences mixed up).
Good enough
Die Another Day (I haven't seen this in at least 15 years, but I recall liking it, even though i know it's widely hated).
No Time to Die
Above average
License to Kill
Average/Mixed but still watchable
Tomorrow Never Dies
For Your Eyes Only
Octopussy (this and FYEO are interchangeable; I honestly can't recall much from either without mixing them up).
Quantum of Solace
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (I can't recall much of this one, in fact, I wasn't really even paying attention. It was mostly playing in the background. For that reason, I'll place it above my least favorite).
The only one I actively dislike
From Russia with Love (I thought it was boring)!
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Midnight Mass Episode 5

That ending messed me up.
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No Time To Die at the movies. My friend and I really liked it. She likes Daniel Craig as Bond as her favourite as when he gets beaten up, he looks beaten up. Even though the movie was long, we enjoyed the action and chase scenes. Overall, for us, it was a great movie. We think he and the writers did a great job. I think it will make the box office revenue. Our theatres have just opened up in capacity. You still need to show second vaccine and show ID. We have gone to approx 8 movies since August and yesterday the theatre had a large amount of people. (Much, much more than the last movie we just saw). Still seated social distancing.
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Billion Dollar Code - Netflix

A bit slow in places but still gripping, well acted and explained. Based on the real life story of the people who developed Terra Vision, which then "allegedly" Google stole to make Google Earth.

In my mind there is no doubt that a huge injustice occurred here. But the full extent of Google's swindling appalled me.

What they did apparently was to write to companies they'd infringed up asking them to put in writing to Google what price they'd take as a settlement for damages for the infringement.

Thinking they were about to receive a settlement, most of these companies niavely complied but in doing so they shot themselves in the foot. By putting in writing the price they'd accept, they limited the maximum damages a court could ever pay them for the infringement.

Most innocently wrote to Google giving a figure less than $10 million. Not realising that if Google then refused to pay the settlement (which they did), it would not be worth taking to court because the cost of court case like this is at least $10 million. Since the max damages they can ever be awarded are less than $10 million, it becomes not worth it.

And Google knew this and apparently did it as a ploy with lots of computer firms, swindling them out of their intellectual properties.

In this particular case, the circumstances were slightly different and they had a good chance to win at court for huge amounts (hundreds of millions) and so the case was taken to court. And this is what the 4 -part series covers.
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Thunder Road if anyone here hasn't seen this movie I highly recommend that you watch it.

Check the link below for what I said about Thunder Road in the recommend an unheard of movie topic
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Halloween Kills

Wow what a disappointing film! to say the least... 6/10 I really enjoyed Halloween 2018 reboot and I expected to see something amazing from this sequel unfortunately that wasn't the case and movie star Jamie Lee Curtis is sidelined and barely has any role in the movie and many characters died unnecessarily for the sake of gore and horror. The writing in this was crazy, I did enjoy the little easter eggs though. I hope the third one in the trilogy will be better but I have a feeling this will be Halloween Resurrection all over again.
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Originally Posted by JsotoTRSaga View Post
Halloween Kills

Wow what a disappointing film! to say the least... 6/10 I really enjoyed Halloween 2018 reboot and I expected to see something amazing from this sequel unfortunately that wasn't the case and movie star Jamie Lee Curtis is sidelined and barely has any role in the movie and many characters died unnecessarily for the sake of gore and horror. The writing in this was crazy, I did enjoy the little easter eggs though. I hope the third one in the trilogy will be better but I have a feeling this will be Halloween Resurrection all over again.
Just saw this and I pretty much agree. There was a lot going on and it felt pretty messy.
Shout out to Christina Applegate.
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American Horror Story: Apocalypse. I’m a Coven stan but I have to say this was an amazing crossover let down by a mediocre script. It had its moments though and seeing Jessica (and Marie Laveau) again made me freak out <3
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Originally Posted by DOPE View Post
American Horror Story: Cult. Well, that was amazing! It’s easily in my Top 3.
See I am glad someone else agrees with me. Cult was good!
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