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Default The ending scene with Ana

Iíve been wondering this for quite a while, but where/when and how does the scene play out in where Ana gets shot? It doesnít really look anything like itís near or around Kitezh, but if itís supposed to play out after the game, where is Jonah and why are Lara and Ana completely by themselves?
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Always wondered about that myself. That cutscene looked like an afterthought, really.
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It reminded me of the Amanda scene in Underworld. I think itís inside Kitezh though, wherever they blasted through.
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It is a confusing scene. I'm guessing they are both confused wandering around just outside the Kitezh glacier, shortly after the source was destroyed.
What would Lara do with Ana anyway, turn her over to the remnant village? Lead her back to civilization so she can rejoin Trinity. Take her to the hospital to die in hospice from lung cancer? Ana's days were numbered anyway.
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You can make out billowing smoke coming from the direction they came from, so they're probably not too far where the battle had taken place. Perhaps they found a back entrance to the building where the source was and went outside to wait for a helicopter to come and pick them up? Maybe Jonah was with them but Ana and Lara wondered off a short distance to have that chat.
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