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Smile Pre-Alpha Footage

Why does she seem/look/sound more bad ass than the final product?
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Already have on thread:
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^I can't with this video

Its 100x more immersive, atmospheric and realistic than the final.

And "EXIT LOOK!" whutt?? still can't get over that they remove this grrrr

Camera angles are amazing, and I like that ALL her weapons are on her back - not magically appearing when you need them.

I remember my frustration when I first saw this video ugh

EDIT: So much rage... I am sorry lmao

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Originally Posted by lance6439 View Post
Why does she seem/look/sound more bad ass than the final product?
Because it's early footage, Duh. It always happens.
Remember AoD and Legend? The early footages are all amazing and badass, but these silly developers always destroy their creations.


She doesn't sound more badass to me at all. Those are the cheesiest lines I've heard in the entire series, good riddance.
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As Sarah has pointed out, there is already a thread for this. Please continue there.
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