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This is just a thought so I apologize if this isn’t the way to go about this but I’ve been here for years and not once thought about this with a thread until now.
Is it possibly to make this thread a sticky?

I’m only asking for the fact that this is maybe the 3rd thread about statues that I can remember as the others were buried. These statues are likely to come out over the years and we most likely won’t have any new information on them for months at a time. That’s prime time for a thread like this to be buried, especially if it has the pictures sent directly from CD and added to the forum by Lord Penguin. We don’t want to lose these! Or at I don’t haha My last point is these statues will not be cheap so that’ll definitely add an insentive to those of us who want to support the franchise, CD, Gaming Heads and their TR license, and TR/LC in general. It’ll be easier to find and therefore keep people in the loop and keep other threads from popping up in the future when we do get new screenshots or pricing information.

Just a thought! Again, sorry if this isn’t the way to go about asking for this to be a sticky.
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It's a shame we're getting another ToO statue considering they just made one not too long ago. I would have gladly taken a Doppelganger statue instead. If they're not too expensive, I'll probably end up grabbing all six anyways.
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Any news on possible release dates maybe?

I'd really love to get all ot them - the final overall statue looks really good.
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Gaming Heads posted a few teasers for one of their new statues. I bet you can't guess what it is.

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Looks gorgeous. The textures and shapes are so nice.
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UGH so pretty!!! I want one so much!
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From the way that shes standing it looks like Tomb Raider 1.
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need it :O
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Oh I didnít know this had itís own thread, lol. Anyway, hereís a new one!

Make sure to be here on the dot 0000 HK time, 1100 EST, 1000 CST & 1600 UK, Tuesday 20th March (today/tonight). Here's something to keep you going until then.
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