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Originally Posted by AimlessThunder View Post
That's not always the case.. *cough* Daisy Ridley *COUGH*. She was unknown before Star Wars, appearing only in small commercials.


If they wanted someone popular they would have went ahead with Meagan Fox or Olivia Wilder, or someone just as famous.

It's clear that they saw potential in Alicia. It's no one's fault that COVID happened.
It's Star Wars! It is a successful film franchise and they can bet on unknown faces... No one is going to go see Star Wars to watch actors!

They had to look for someone who could be compared to Angelina Jolie (Oscar winner) and Alicia was the best choice (she had just won an Oscar and she was popular then). But Alicia has simply lost popularity in recent years and she has not ended up becoming a movie star.

Denying that if Alicia Vikander were now as famous as Scarlett Johanson or Margot Robbie we would now have TR2 much faster is trying to deny the obvious

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You're talking like she's gone to complete obscurity. Success isn't always about how many blockbuster movies you can do, neither is talent. Alicia has been working steadily since - except for when she couldn't due to the pandemic and pregnancy. As I said before, Alicia strikes me as an actress who doesn't strive for universal popularity. Is she not in blockbuster movies because no one is casting her or because she's not auditioning for those roles? If MGM and Amazon want to finance TR2/ Obsidian, I'm pretty sure Alicia having been Lara in the 2018 movie would not stop them, they'd just hire that Hollywood star and get on with it. Somehow, I don't think Alicia is what's been stopping them. If there's still a sequel being considered or whatever is going on. You seem to be forgetting that the sequel was green lit quite soon after the 2018 movie, was almost filming when the pandemic hit. That suggests they still had faith in Alicia in 2020, only 2 years ago. Also, you're kinda diminishing her role in 2018, like it was only because she had an oscar. I'm certain there were other more 'popular' actresses out there when she was hired.
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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
Also, you're kinda diminishing her role in 2018, like it was only because she had an oscar. I'm certain there were other more 'popular' actresses out there when she was hired.
My thoughts exactly! But of course everyone is entitled to their opinion.
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Tomb Raider doesn't need a popular star to be a successful movie. That's the easy way out that a lot of studios use when writing isn't their strong suit. For example the entire Fast and Furious film franchise. Absolutely no one is looking at those movies as the pinnacle of modern day story telling. What's great about Alicia not being super popular, is that more effort has to be put into the actual project instead of having some big actress attached to something that she's just there to promote with her presence. (Not to say that all big budgeted films are half assed) I think with Misha's writing skills she can actually put more into a TR film than what we've seen already. I really hope this project moves forward bcuz everything I've been hearing about Alicia in the Live Experience sounds so exciting
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If they replace Alicia Vikander with someone else I'm out honestly.

At first I was not convinced when they announced her but after seeing the movie I love her so so much as Lara Croft !

Also I don't want the movie franchise to be rebooted a third time... it's too soon.

If it's been too long since TR1 to make a direct sequel because of age or whatever than make it happen long after TR1. But please keep Alicia Vikander. I want to see more of her as Lara Croft !
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