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That has been a problem with CD for me with their other big game franchise too, now on the back-burner: Legacy of Kain.

The original game on the PS was a 2D top down hack and slash RPG developed by Silicon Knights published by Crystal Dynamics who then took over the series development with Soul Reaver.

That has been described as Tomb Raider with vampires but if you compare it with the TR game released in the same year 1999, TR4, it is actually a much more linear, hub base design. In fact it is more linear than any of the previous TRs including the original TR which pre-dates it by almost 4 years.

Soul Reaver is still a great game and if you enjoy TR and haven't played it put it on your wish list because it is one of the Playstation's eras top games. But CD's historic inability or unwillingness to create a true open world game is very obvious and continued, I think even more obviously, with the less good Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen 2 and Defiance. The latter being the best of the bunch.

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in a nutshell,
Legend saved Lara
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^ Nice video... Apart from the reboot praising that is. She says that Legend taking itself not too seriously is a good thing (which I agree) but then what makes the totally serious and humourless reboot so swell?
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They should go back with not taking the games so seriously, especially if they want a more cinematic game.

I mean, I don't wanna be that guy who mentions Uncharted, but Naughty Dog always repeat the same story structure in the saga and you know already what's going to happen. The lighthearted storyline with some dramatic moments. The reboot trilogy was just bland moments with angry Lara screaming for 2 minutes once per game.

Both the Reboot and Underworld tried a more serious approach and they just didn't know how to end them.
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