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Default Converting between PHD/TR2/TR4

There are a handful of tools out there from over the years which are apparently good for converting TR level files between their versions. Ofcourse I'm aware this is completely redundant to use on playable levels due to mismatching of almost every internal ID but, does anyone know if classic cutscenes contained their camera effects within an object, the cutscene file itself or just the engine?

I'm just toying with ideas - but I'm thinking of TR2's third cutscene with Brother Cheng. When Marco Bartolli kills him and Lara shoots back, her guns do not physically respond by way of a visual fire. This cutscene is relatively bland because of this - and also the lack of colored lighting. Could it be theoretically possible to convert this cutscene into TR3 geometry while keeping the camera and all animations intact? I imagine it might actually look a little nicer with TR3s lighting sceme, and ofcourse, adding an animcommand frame to make Lara actually SHOOT her guns during that scene.

I know this is a long shot but, I know others have toyed with these tools before.
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