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Default Good news, The TR2 Remixed mod is coming to the iOS version!

Some of you may remember the TRII Remixed project I was working on. I was going to release it then however with the release of TR2 iOS, I decided to release after I was sure it could work.

Well good news! I have transferred the mod to my iPad and have begun testing it.

There are some differences though:

The script will not be changed, i.e. Automatic Pistols will not be named Magnums. The guns will still be there just not the name.
HD textures cannot be used, they cause jumbled textures. They can be disabled in the Settings app.
Sounds will be different, but I have used a sound pack made by someone else which is very similar and who I will credit on release.
Bugs are the same, however one other bug causes some enemies not to appear until their trigger square has been stepped on again.
I am currently at The Deck with no more problems. It does require a jailbroken device or access to TR2's game files, sadly. See you soon!
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I have been following this mod for a long time. It's great to hear that. I've got TR2 in my Ipad but unfortunately it isn't jailbroken.
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