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Default Help a noob out with a TV or monitor please

So my TV is just about over, the image in it is just a total mess and it's now time for me to buy a new one. I'll also be honest that I'm one of those people who will look at something now and go, is it the right choice and could I have done better.

Right. What I've currently got hooked up to this TV is a PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch and my PC which is running an old-ish graphics card (Nvidia GT 730). The latter is why I'm looking at monitors. Ideally I wouldnt mind it 32 " but willing to go a bit bigger and 4K (if possible) due to the PS4.

I also had a bit of an image issue with the PS4 (something called overscan), and this TV couldn't compensate for it much as the image seemed too big for the display.

I'll also say that I've also asked elsewhere as I want as many suggestions as possible and said about a 4K TV with 4:4:4 (whatever that means) for the PC. On top of that, I dont have much of a budget and will to go upto 500 or a bit over.

If anyone can help I will be grateful. The newest TV I've got and it's over 10 years old. And if you require more info, I'm willing to try and answer.

EDIT: I only really used what I've got now for the consoles and the PC. All my TV viewing was streamed online.
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