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Originally Posted by Tombraider95 View Post
Yeah that's what I saw when I mentioned in my last post about it being further along than I thought! Fingers crossed she is sticking around. Excited to hear her voice in the role.
Oh I wasn't sure that was what you mentioned.
A release date reveal would be nice. A teaser even more if they can ! However I don't know where they are about the animations right now. I guess the design of the characters are done at least ?
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When they said they were announcing things in October, did they mention anything about the anime not being there? If not we might be able to have a release window soon. I'm thinking maybe Summer/Fall 2022
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I totally approve of this casting, she sounds amazing of course she sounds a bit older, but we all know she can manipulate her voice to achieve a more youthful tone, even Camilla didn't voice reboot Lara (at least in 2013) with her natural speaking voice.

And speaking of Camilla, I'm gonna miss her for sure. Whether she comes back for TR12 or Hayley takes over from her, I'd be happy either way.
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