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Yeah animations were all there. You can see how good they looked under the jank and missing frames. I wish some patch was done after. Or even for the trilogy remaster. Underworld got no remaster when they was their perfect opportunity to fix it.
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Originally Posted by Portugalraider View Post
I was talking about this article, but I don't seem to find the thing I mentioned about the animations in there now (though I just did a very quick read). Maybe it was something that Eric Lindstrom said on his thread and I just mixed up things.
That was actually a very interesting read, thanks for sharing!
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CD have been speeding up the animations since they started mo capping them. Like others have said too there are visible frames missing from some of them. I don't understand why they've insisted on doing this. The animations look so much better a bit slower. Just stop pandering to people who need things done 0.5 seconds of a second faster otherwise they get bored. TLOU2 has beautiful animations, realistically timed with weight and they were commented on as being amazing. That's one thing they SHOULD be stealing.
... in my opinion.

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