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Damn. Listening to her voice after more than 10 years. Jonell is literally the Lara Croft voice many of us want. They should definitely bring her in for the remakes. Chris even asked her in the last minutes if she'd like to make a comeback and she said she'd definitely be in for a mature Lara. Now we just want Square to consider her again. Her voice literally makes me so happy, so nostalgic. It's like finally getting to listen to her after she disappeared in the darknes in AOD.
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Originally Posted by Kirishima View Post
Different developers with different tastes. They probably also wanted to distance themselves as much from the previous game as possible considering its reception at the time.
They actually just wanted a more known name to do the job. Keeley had blown up at the time due to Tipping the Velvet and they were also considering Rachel Weiss.
... in my opinion.
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Her voice hasn't changed one bit. It was like Lara herself was having an interview
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Wow this is the biggest pleasure I've had this year. Magnificent interview! I love you Jonelle Elliott <3 My favorite Lara Croft for sure I am so pleased to hear she would love to be back on the role.
I hope I can live long enough to witness the true second coming of Lara Croft
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