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My adventure with Lara began with the Tomb Raider: Legend demo, I think it was in 2007 or something and I was pretty young. I used to play that demo so much, the demo felt so amazing to play and Lara looked so amazing! it was like she was a real person and kinda like a mom to me . Since I was really young I didn't really know what the game was called so little me would call her "pew pew pew" because of her dual pistols

Fast forward I think 2 years later I got Tomb Raider: Underworld, I never managed to finish the game because I found the thralls too scary

In 2011, I got the Tomb Raider: Trilogy which was honestly a blast! and it felt good that I got to play the full game of Legend and the rest of the LAU trilogy.

2013 was when I played the iconic Tomb Raider 2013, it was kind of a game-changer even though now I think the game is kinda okay. TR2013's multiplayer was very enjoyable, I found myself playing that for 3-4 years nonstop. I eventually got into the Classic games and fell in love with AoD despite its flaws and problems it was something I wanted in a Tomb Raider game for so long but unfortunately, the game wasn't finished.

I honestly thank Core Design for making such an iconic character that has helped me to stay true to myself and represent as a mother to me sometimes, Classic Lara will always be in my heart for being such a life-changing character to me and for her cool impact on pop-culture, same with Legend Lara but Classic Lara more cause she's more bada** to me personally
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^^ Haha yes I also used to constantly play the Legend and Anniversary demos back in 2018 since I couldn't afford to buy the games and I didn't want to pirate those. Also funny nickname you gave to the game hahahaha!
I apologize in advance.
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Tomb Raider
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- I have an embarrassing story that my parents love telling people. I was about four years old when I started watching my dad play Tomb Raider & I also remember seeing the live model of Lara on TV so I thought Lara Croft was an actual real person so when I saw my dad kill Lara by the T-Rex I burst out in uncontrollable tears because I thought Lara Croft was actually dead.

- Legend was the first Tomb Raider game I actually completed from start to finish without using cheats/walkthrough. It wasn’t until I was a bit older than I actually replayed the classics like they were meant to be played.

- A week or two after Tomb Raider’13 came out my ex boyfriend (Who I hadn’t spoken to for 3 years at that point) messaged me on Facebook asking me to help him on a “puzzle” in that game because he knew I’d of completed it by that point.

Tomb Raider is my childhood, she’s been around nearly aslong as I have. I will always love Tomb Raider and hold it dear to my heart because it holds so many memories that I will treasure.
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I started playing TR in the PS1 era.

So many good memories, but I remember we used to play together. I'd get stuck and we'd crowd around the TV to figure out what to do.
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My first game was TR II, I remember getting the disc in 2002 or '03 from a friend in elementary school. When I first started it, I didn't know what I was supposed to do, so I just stayed in the water in the Great Wall, not coming out because I was scared of the tiger.

Then I showed the game to another friend who said she played in on her PS1, so we started playing together. Once she called me at 6 AM to tell me she reached a new level called "40 fathoms" and was so excited lmfao

That's when my journey began, I think my second game was TR Chronicles or TR III, as I couldn't get the Last Revelation to run on Win. XP. Then Angel of Darkness came and I was sold completely.

Unfortunately I lost interest around 2012. I can't begin to describe how much I hate cinematic games.
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Greatest TR
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oh boy

I can remember play TR1 on sega saturn back then and end up playing TR1 on the playstation. I got TR1 on a release day back in 1996 with double dual case when I was six years old. I can remember it like yesterday.

I still play it to this day on the PS1, best version on console in my opinion. original graphics with original non dual shock controller is the best.

Crystal Dynanics TR version is utter ****. I mean all of them. Should have died off after TR AOD and let it be in peace.
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All of us have different experiences.

I wish I could express how much the first Tomb Raider was different than anything else I had played up to that point, and I had been gaming in various forms since Space Invaders hit arcades and pizzerias back in 1978.

Moving around in a simulated 3D-environment was such a revelation, after playing games like Montezuma's Revenge for years.

And then this happened:

And I was hooked. There was a story here I wanted to be part of, to know more about. The gameplay, to me, was just a means to explore this narrative, to take part in it. It was the game that made me spend the money to get a PSone after playing a demo of it for a few minutes.

It was glorious, despite its shortcomings which time and maturity have not been kind to. In the moment though, these shortcomings were easy to overlook as we'd really experienced nothing quite like it.

Then the CORE-era sequels followed, containing little of what I loved in the original title, and I ended up putting away the franchise until Legend restored my love for it.

You can't go back, but for those amazing days on my first PSone, it was one of those formative moments in gaming for me, sitting alongside playing Space Invaders for the first time, the first playthrough of Portal, or discovering just how much fun Dance Dance Revolution could be once you mastered the timing.

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