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I think in the next game "they" (whoever is developing the next game) are probably going to go the TR: chronicles route and do a high tech Von Croy industries level. I think it would work with the character arch to start using precision and strategy skills to infiltrate Trinity. They could give her a bad ass modern catsuit. And it would bring a new variety to the reboot games and blow people away.
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Originally Posted by kathrynnn View Post
Mhm. The jungle appeals to me as long as it's nice and lush, but I still want something else to sort of give the game that bit of variety it needs in the location department.
Yes. I think Uncharted 4 delivered pretty good in that regard. New places and something fresh to look at.
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Originally Posted by Stevo505 View Post
“Dirty ugly places”? Have you forgotten the title of the game dear? I don’t remember playing House Raider.
Actually we have played house raider four times already in Croft manor.
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My dream is to be frightened all over again by TR. With places like the first dark tombs in jungle level in TR 3 and specially the 'illuminati' maze hidden underneath a train station. I Love this conspiracy things lol. They should do something like that for trinity, specially if there's some catolic or whatever folks behind It.
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Yes, I would love more varied environments. Although I'm really looking forward to jungle and pyramids.... I still would like to see some city environments with beautiful architecture to climb over and explore, and more unusual real place locations (museums, historic buildings, palaces and military establishments, anywhere really that isn't always outdoors or inside crumbling, old places)
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Sheesh, Lara is an aristocrat, not Chloe from Life is Strange

Originally Posted by WitchBlade View Post
Lastly, Lara needs a more charming personality. For example I'd love to hear Lara say stuff like "ahhh hellz yeah!", "Bloody hell" or "I friggin love donuts".The start of the game could be Lara watching TV eating a pizza when BAM she gets a ...
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