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My biggest peeve is the lack of connection it really has to the previous two entries. Avalon, this supposedly mythical paradise that's connected to Arthurian legend becomes the hellish Helheim, instead connected to Norse mythology. It's implied there's a connection between Atlantis and Helheim but that's never elaborated on, nor is Natla's knowledge of the Midgard Serpent machine. Why go for the whole 'create mutant abominations' angle when you can cause the Seventh Age through the machine? And that's one other thing: the nature of the Seventh Age is never elaborated on. It's almost like she wasn't part of the story until after Anniversary came out. Then there's suggested plot points that were never followed up on (Tihocan being missing from his tomb) that may have been a consequence of Helheim originally not having a connection to Atlantis.

Also, what did Lara do with Excalibur? It's never explained.
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The entire reason that Lara is on this quest is retconned in the very first (chronologically) cutscene: at the end of Legend it was 'my father was right, and there is still time to do something about it' meaning: her mother is alive and there's time to get her back. And then at the start of Underworld it is: 'nah, I'm sure she's dead, I only want to know what happened'. Not only do I hate retcons with a passion, but it is a far less necessary and heroic goal to find out what happened than to actually save someone. I'm never gonna risk my life dozens of times if that was necessary to find out what happens in the final season of the Big Bang Theory.

And then when she does find out it is nothing but 'she got her and died... the end.' Gods, do I hate this incompetent story...
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