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It's amazing how active the alternate Bayonetta are and than there's the main one just... Standing there. I genuinely like the game(play), but I'm so curious what went on behind the scenes while Kamiya was writing the story.

Originally Posted by Tommy123 View Post
I hope someday we figure out what happened behind the scenes because clearly bayo 3 was not made with the same love and passion of the first two games.
There's an article somewhere that goes into the topic, long story short: Platinum tried making it (semi) open world, they went about it for two and a half/three years but couldn't get it working. So, Nintendo eventually advised them to make it more inline with the first two and that resulted in the final product that has left overs of that initial open world design (Thule) and lacks the polish of the first two despite the game having been given many years in development.

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This guy summed up most of the issues I have with B3.
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