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the image hase ben removed it's the image of kamillho statue
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Image has been removed because you didn't use one of our approved image hosts.
So best to use one of the approved image hosting sites and then repost the image.

Reason: Image removed. See FAQ on posting images.
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I'm having problems bringing a model from Noesis to XNALara using the plugin. In the past, I've just gone in, chosen the correct export option, opened XNALara, loaded the model through Load GenericItem, and that's worked. However, this particular thing is causing me a problem. I get a loading error in XNALara and the model fails to load.

The original model is FBX format, and though it does have animations I checked the box that says 'No Animations' on exporting it.

EDIT: Never mind - turns out my python plugin for Noesis was 3 years out of date.
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I'm aware requests aren't oftenly fulfilled, but it's worth a shot:
Does anyone have/could anyone port the BO2 Executioner model, or at least a Taurus Raging Judge model to XNA?
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I'm also aware of it too, but could anyone port Symbiote Black Cat (The venom one, not the human one) from Spiderman Web of Shadows? I've had no luck looking finding anything for this model.

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