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I wrote this as a mix between the Lara's we have had so far and what I'd like going forward in a thread a while ago but I think it mostly fits here.

An extremely intelligent, self-confident, humorous, witty woman - a reflective type who has learned to laugh when things aren't looking bright. She has some impulsive tendencies but is generally a calculated character, someone who occasionally doubts herself but always finds the strength to move forward and press on.

This Lara loves to read about ancient civilisations, relics and myths, she is almost addicted to it and knowledge in general, this passion is equaled only by her recently found love for true adventure, something her experiences on Yamatai was the catalyst for. She can not go back to an average life only knowing what she reads in her books- she must know for herself and see it first hand to understand more, this is an obsession that won't be compromised on that creates tension and sometimes conflict for the people who care for her, though they understand they will not change her. Although Lara is a bit of a lone wolf these few close interpersonal relationships are ones she holds dear. There is almost nothing she wouldn't do for these people. She carries herself with respect and elegance but doesn't take herself too seriously and isn't afraid to get a bit dirty. Lara doesn't enjoy killing but will, sometimes viciously, if necessary. She justifies it only if it will benefit many or herself if her life is threatened.

Lara is a 5'6" English woman with a curvaceous but athletic build and slightly tanned skin. She has large striking brown/hazel eyes, thick lips and long, dark brown hair that she often wears in a braid or ponytail. Lara wears minimal to moderate make-up on her eyes and lips. She dresses appropriately to the climate she finds herself in, usually in a tight fitted vest top with combat trousers tucked into her boots, the pockets are always filled with ammo. She comes well equipped with twin pistols, a bow for when she's staying out of sight and a small backpack for more ammo and minimal medical supplies, should she need them. Lara used to use axes for climbing but has since honed her climbing skills to that of a professional and loves the thrill of climbing using nothing but her own hands and feet.

Her love for archeology and history started with her father but has since become something she does entirely for herself and the pure thrill, especially after seeing there far is more to the world than we are led to believe.
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Originally Posted by NightWish View Post
That's a great thread idea!

I think it would be great to have this thread where everyone really describes THEIR vision of Lara, without any arguments. There have been many laras represented in many ways, so people's visions of Lara differ. Accept it

My Lara is very similar to yours. I think the more you reveal her the more you ruin the mystery about her. I loved it when she was a bit distant, keeping you guessing, never knowing what she might do. Because she is an anti-character. While Crystal's Lara is predictable. She always has to be the hero. She would never blow a kiss at a pilot and shoot him

I thought a lot about it all too, when they released the leaked concepts. Since I like to think as myself as an artist, this is the best way I could represent what my vision of her is. And I started working on this pic: There she is classic looking and quite detailed in my opinion enough for a next gen game.There is a bit of comic book influence - showing that she is a distant character, even though realistic, not based in reality. TR is not about realism. She has this determined expression on her face, nothing stopping her from what she wants, and a slight smile showing it is all for fun and because she WANTS to.

I agree with every word you said here and that artwork is absolutely gorgeous great job!!
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Originally Posted by larafan25 View Post
Lara Croft....Lara...Lara....Lara...Hmmm...:/

I see Lara in many ways, Lara changes with the adventure.

I find it hard to interpret Lara with the original adventures, it's very quirky and I can't put the two together in a fashionable way, odd.
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this thread is so old and this response is a mess tbh.
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Who is Lara to you?
Lara Croft is a grave robber, a woman who seeks out tombs, solves even the hardest of riddles and survives every trap ever devised, steals the riches all with a smile on her face. Lara Croft is an adrenaline junkie, she loves danger. She is polite and respectful but also very sassy, witty & sarcastic. She would have no problem in shooting you if you happen to interfere with her mischievous plans, if you know what I mean. Lara is an anti-hero, ends up being a hero but not necessarily for being black & white good. Lara has a grey moral code, which makes her realistic and believable. Killing dozens without remorse (admit it they deserved it) as long as she had the priceless artifact secured in her backpack. Her weapons of choice are the Dual Pistols, Dual UZI's or Dual Magnum's

She also knows not what Jaffa cakes are, she would rather have beans on toast when at home.
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I still maintain that Lara isn't a heartless killer for the sake of it. Apart from in TR3, where she kills some apparently innocent people because CORE got sloppy on design and writing, she only ever kills when it's an act of "kill or be killed" self-defense.

I do think, like I said earlier, she probably has a very strong "survival of the fittest" mindset, and I would guess she has little sympathy for people unwilling to go through processes of self-improvement. Wouldn't shock me if she has some misanthropic tendencies either, at a perverse contrast to her love of history.
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I am one of the people who have never seen Lara, from 1996 to today, as an "anti-heroin" ... It is true, she is an independent and individualist archaeologist becoming heroin in spite of herself, but to the point to being caged with the other great anti-heroes of popular culture, there is a huge contrast of tone.

This "humorous" point in TR3, as well as some sequences of the game clearly derails from her character.

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I think it very much changes depending on the universe we're talking about. Core Lara, LAU Lara, Survivor Lara, Movie Lara, all emphasise different aspects of her character. Lara is always a weirdo to me, she's always an adrenaline junkie who loves (even if she won't always admit it) taking the dangerous route, and basking in the adrenaline of everything. She's confident, she knows her strengths, but she can at times be cocky too. She's truly a very intelligent woman, and she approaches her world-changing discoveries with an almost childlike enthusiasm, they're the only moments in her life where she finds some calm and innocence and stops being the badass she usually is. She works best alone, even if she works with other people at times, her best work is done in solιtude. She definitely has a sense of humour and a rather dark one at times. She doesn't like people telling her who she is or what she should do, and she generally takes no **** from anyone.
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Originally Posted by FanosCroft View Post
Woman of my teenager years and important in my life enough to name my future daughter "Lara"
I feel the same way. Lara is such a great name to use for your daughter .
The definitive Lara Croft has less emotion than Kristen Stewart.
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I just did my research ... And effectively, Lara Croft is never listed in the list of anti-heroes, in movies, comics-book or videogames ...

I maintain that Lara Croft is seen universally as a heroine. A heroine who take down mercenaries and people of bad omens, and saving the world in an atypical and heroic way, on every adventure.

But still in spite of herself ... Because her little egoism and her thirst for overcoming leads her maybe more to make her choices than the moral codes of a vigilante. We will probably never know about the Core era, but I maintain it's a good person.

Let's say she is a "soft" anti-heroine ... ^^

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@Lily.J, you wrote your post so beautifully it was like I was reading Lara's horoscope!

The way I see her is that she is someone who felt restricted by posh, aristocratic ways and have come away from that type of life. She is still very much British. She isn't a hero but someone who goes out there and does what she wants to do. But she doesn't do it for fame or money, but simply for the thrill. Sometimes, stopping a dangerous artefact from getting into the wrong hands is an added motive- generally, if she has to save the world, she is probably one of a few who have the skills to do so and she has an open mind, having seen things that others dismiss as myth.

She is extremely confident but that may sometimes falter. She is polite and well spoken, if she must swear, it's British phrasing. She is very smart and witty to enemies that she may talk to (Pierre and Larson for example) but never intentionally rude. She is lady like, a woman in a man's world. She is very feminine and that is nothing to do with her body dimensions. Get on the wrong side of her however and you will know it.

She is not an archaeologist but an adventurer and a historian, someone who loves to learn about history, the architecture and the way people lived. She got her interest in history when attending Gordonstoun, thoroughly enjoying her history lessons taught by Charles Kane. She doesn't smoke and she doesn't drink alcohol - well maybe a glass of white wine to toast certain occasions. Lara knows that she is wealthy but she doesn't flaunt it, liking to keep Croft Manor decorated in a minimal fashion and she does not buy branded clothes. Well in her line of work, they wouldn't last long. But she also knows that it was her heritage - her aunt namely - that built that wealth, therefore she doesn't like to spend that money and prefers to make her own. That is especially true when she knows that living in her manor and travelling are both costly, this is why her living comes from writing travel books and selling a few artefacts that she has collected along the way.

If she can use her image to highlight history or forgotten myths and legends, she will do so- such as appearing on magazines.

She prefers to dress practically. Tying her hair in a plait will stop it from blowing in her face; tight fitting clothing will not get caught in traps and mechanisms. In fact, she likes to wear combat trousers and tight fitting clothing both out adventuring and at home. It is practical to have multiple pockets. Shorts are also suitable and not restricting.

Her weapons of choice are usually two pistols enabling her to keep enemies a safe distance away from her. But she knows that she may need to step up the fire power from time to time. Her vehicles have to be tough and rugged also, a Land Rover Defender and a nice Norton Streetfighter bike.

I don't see Lara as a stone cold killer, I see that many human enemies in the game are merely added in for gameplay value and not because they were actually there in most cases (like tombs. Of course they are going to be guarding the Natural Museum). She kills animals only out of necessity - after all, it is an animal's natural instinct to protect its home. And with other humans, she knows that most of the enemies are hired mercenaries and will have taken on the job knowing that there is a chance they might be killed.

She is athletic and likes to keep trim and active. When it comes to exercising, I see that Lara only uses the equipment in her gym and on the assault course. She doesn't know martial arts but knows how to punch and kick. She isn't a gymnast, but she learnt how to tumble and how to perform a swandive, a back/side flip and handstand at Gordonstoun. She doesn't need to be muscular; she has built up strength in her muscles through simply using them - climbing up onto ledges for example. But of course she also likes to relax, seeing Croft Manor as the place to do so, listening to music, attempting to play the instruments in the music room or reading non-fiction in her library. She can cook too and doesn't rely on Winston to do everything. He merely finances the books and the telephone, bringing Miss Croft a much needed cup of tea. Despite all the adventuring, she is a homely person, one example is preferring beans on toast when at home.

In terms of relationships, Lara actually has a close knit of friends in many countries or at the local museum that she can visit. She isn't much of a talker over the phone and much prefers face to face, visiting Charles Kane, Father Dunstan or Jean Yves. When it comes to romantic relationships, Lara isn't searching for love as she is too busy but this is not to say that she doesn't have romantic interests, it is that the person has to be able to keep up with her. Someone in a similar line of work might just be able to attract her attention.

Would it have been easier if I said that the way I see Lara is how she is written in the TR4 biography? Although I can add TRL/A/U into this as that particular Lara does not have that in-depth a biography as the early Lara, so she can fit into this somewhat.
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