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we're all clowns
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If they release this, this year, and SE remakes a classic game that isn't TR i can see them getting a lot of flack.
... in my opinion.
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Oh my God, exactly what we asked for /irony
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I'm more interested in Run the Gauntlet level being given to the community now that the disc was discovered than this.
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Evan C.
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I wonder if it's just a port or they will add some enhancements. I am pretty sure this is aimed for new gen consoles.
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Annnnd here is the Ultimate Experience .
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well looks like I wont feel sad about spending my "brand new game" money on RE8 this year
Kept ya waiting, huh?
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But this is a Xbone bundle right? No enhancements besides the One X improvements so far, playable on XSeries just by backward compatibility so, it's just a special pack for people who never played the Trilogy and bye

At least if they want to bundle the trilogy, please update the games for new hardware and PC: Reboot with Lara's Rise model, trilogy with photo mode, 4K 60 FPS and Raytracing on all games would be the cool and at least something to look at... And if you own already the games you have a free update in PS5, XSeries and PC off course

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Originally Posted by Brendanlovesu1 View Post
apparently it's not a physical release, has no added extras and is literally just a digital bundle of all 3 games... What's the point in that

This seems unnecessary. We literally already have these games on all platforms, with a definitive edition for each of them. Just create an update for them for next gen consoles? Why re-release them? it would make more sense to re-release Classic/LAU instead
Because money
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So, it's a next gen port of three reboot games.

In my opinion it's good for attracting people that haven't played any of these games before.

TR 2013 remaster on PS4 made a lot of money so, guess that's why they are making this.
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