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Evan C.
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I am curious about the legal restrictions. Maybe the DLC was not cancel but put into hiatus due to this.
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Bomb Fighter
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Originally Posted by Evan C. View Post
I am curious about the legal restrictions. Maybe the DLC was not cancel but put into hiatus due to this.
I think the legal restrictions are complicating bringing TRU DLC to other platforms. Not the cancelled DLC8 for Shadow.

Speaking of Soundtracks, I hope we can get LAU soundtracks on vinyls. And Reboot with Rise too, I don't think those were released on vinyls.
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I saw a tweet from Nathan McCree a few months ago implying he was trying to get the 1st three games soundtracks on vinyl too, I know we have the TR Suite but this would be cool as well, maybe a different color or theme for each game

Teal for TR1

Red with Gold splatter for TR2

Blue with gold/yellow splatter for TR3
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Avalon SARL
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Can someone explain what do they mean by:

Looking into Streaming release for the LAU soundtracks

They are all on youtube.
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I think they mean other platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music for example


The Tomb Raider 2 activities will start tomorrow and I'm quite interested what they will bring

Another month I'm looking forward is the Aod one
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If they do manage to free Underworlds DLC from Microsoft will it just be for PC? I can’t see them releasing them for the PS3 which is now two generations old, I hope they do. I’ve never played them and I really want to.
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Honestly, I hope the news about the potential DLC negotiations means that HD remasters are definitely considered down the pipeline.

I’m not holding my breath though... !

EDIT: I have to say it was stupid of them to make those two episodes for TRU xbox exclusive in the first place. Those two really added to the whole experience of the game. ‘Beneath the Ashes’ was particularly fantastic.
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I'll tell you that playing the first half of Lara's Shadow DLC first, then Beneath The Ashes DLC and then finishing the second part of Lara's Shadow DLC gives whole Tomb Raider Underwold game different format. A grandiose ending. And I admit, playing DLC was the reason I bought an Xbox 360 in 2009.

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Ugh. What does MS have to gain by withholding those DLC titles besides spite. They can't be that expensive. SE should just pay for the rights back so they can add them to the complete TRUE release. It would sweeten the deal so much more to finally be able to play those games. Plus Lost Artifact on PS5. Could you imagine how amazing it would be to have the entire extended TR universe on one current console?
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If they are having a legal battle with Microsoft then this probably means there won’t be any more Xbox marketing rights.
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