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Surprised to see people scoring the story higher in TR13, i felt fans were very focal on how rubbish it was. Rise felt like a huge improvement with the removal of most of the original games side characters.
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Tomb Raider:
Art Direction: 7
Most areas are yellow/brown and dull.
Exploration: 5
Nothing too exciting for me. The axe climbing was very smart but didn't really came through.
Combat: 7
Combat was so much fun. The first time I've enjoyed Combat since Tomb Raider Legend. It was everything the franchise needed when it comes to combat.
Story: 7
I fell in love with Tomb Raider 2013 and the story is the reason. It was the first time Lara having friends worked in the franchise. I loved Sam and Reyes. The secondary characters are weak yes but it was the perfect origin story for Lara.
Lara as a Character: 7
I loved Lara's character in this game. She is scared and feels guilty, she is relatable and cries a lot which I love cause why wouldn't she? I would whine all the time.

Overall: 33

Rise of the Tomb Raider:
Art Direction: 8

Loooooved the environments. Yes, a lot of snow but it was snow done the right way. So much variety from Siberian Wilderness to Geothermal Valley to Kitezh
Exploration: 7
So much improvement from the previous game but not quite there yet.
Combat: 7
Again, another area that was greatly improved from the first game. Stealth has more options but you can also engage in open combat. Many great combat encounters.
Story: 6
I liked the story in general. The concept of Lara discovering an ancient city was new and I liked how Lara was interacting with people and being helpful but something was missing.
Characters: 6
Lara's character was more evolved than the previous game but the improvement was not as obvious. I don't think Lara is the same person that she was by the end of the game but she's not very different either. Rise's end is the beginning of Lara discovering herself. Sofia was okay but kinda meh. Jacob was good i guess?

Overall: 34

Shadow of the Tomb Raider:
Art Direction: 8

The game looks absolutely fantastic....most of the time. There are areas where the game doesnt look as good as it should and I generally prefer the less cartoony approach from the previous two games. The environments are absolutely breathtaking, so colorful and vibrant.
Exploration: 9
By far the best in the series in terms of exploration. The option to remove white paint is a gift from god. Such a great focus on exploration and Climbing. Great sequences of not being sure where to jump next.
Combat: 8
This will come as a surprise but I absolutely love the combat in Shadow. The emphasis on stealth and all the new cool skills and tricks make combat sequences sooo much fun. It's really a shame they put so much work into that area but there isn't much combat in the game
Story: 4
Where to begin? From Lara not having a defining moment? From Lara discovering a Hidden City AGAIN? From Lara bonding with a parent that rules the hidden city she found AGAIN? From Lara bonding with the child of that parent AGAIN? From Lara teaming with the natives to defeat Trinity AGAIN?
Lara as a Character: 7
I looove how compassionate she is when it comes to people and how ruthless she can be when it comes to her enemies. I think it's a very interesting
take on the character. Also, THAT scene! For me it made sense cause Lara was so fed up with everyone's bull****. What I did not love is that it didn't have an impact on her later. It was like this moment never happened.

Overall: 36
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If I had to rank them (sorry but I'm too sleepy to go into full detail):

1. TR2013

2. Rise

3. Shadow
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Oh lord. This thread was made for me. Get ready for a long post.

Tomb Raider (2013)
Art Direction: 9
The design of the game perfectly suited what the developers aimed for: a lost island in the sea surrounding Japan covered in ruins both new and old. It never shies away from what it is, and I can appreciate that. It felt appropriately wet and dismal and dirty, and the varied environments, from the surrounding forests to the Solarii shanty towns to the World War II bunkers and Japanese temples told a story in and of themselves. This was a land with history.

I really appreciate that they didn't shy away from some of the more gory aspects of the game's art. Many areas in the game were absolutely disgusting to look at, and that's good! That's the intended effect! Trudging through waist-deep water full of emaciated and decomposing corpses was as revolting as I would imagine it would be.

Exploration: 4
I never felt that exploration was really emphasized in this entry, mostly due to its relative linearity when compared to the sequels. Few, if any of the optional tombs required much searching to find, and in some cases, they were clearly marked. Just about the only exploration I did while playing was searching for GPS caches and artifacts, which grew old after a while.

Combat: 6
The combat was...decent, I guess. By the time I got around to playing Tomb Raider, I was accustomed to the over-the-shoulder, third-person mechanics thanks to Gears of War, Mass Effect, and similar games. The addition of the bow added some depth to the experience, allowing me to think a little more tactically - particularly once I unlocked Fire and Napalm arrows. Honestly, my favorite part of combat was staggering enemies and executing them, which remained enjoyable throughout the game.

Story: 7
The story on a whole was not something special; I've seen the "trapped on an island by a supernatural force" trope enough thanks to Lost. Furthermore, the characters weren't especially compelling. I never cared about Sam or Alex, and I actively dislike Reyes. However, Jonah and Roth and Grim exist, and that's enough for me. Mathias wasn't an especially great villain either, but I was glad to be rid of him at the end, and watching Whitman get killed by the Storm Guard was great.

Really, the best part of the story is Lara uncovering more of the island's dark history, particularly when the Storm Guard and supernatural elements take center stage. The game's climax was extremely fun to play through, as it felt like a culmination of everything that Lara had learned on Yamatai. It just goes to show that overt supernatural themes aren't necessary, but when used carefully, can really add to the experience.

Lara as a Character: 7
I liked Lara. I liked her a lot. I'd be lying, though, if I said her constant crying and strangely orgasmic moans didn't get really annoying and serve to cheapen the character. I understand that she's meant to be inexperienced and scared, but that could have been conveyed through more than just incessant whining. Having said that, while I didn't really connect with her, it was an experience watching her learn and grow throughout her adventure. Her dialogue in the last cutscene was absolutely phenomenal, showing that she had indeed matured and awakened on Yamatai, but also hinted at some underlying trauma that would have made for some excellent character development later on.

Total Score: 33

Rise of the Tomb Raider
Art Direction: 7
Graphically, Rise is better in every way to its predecessor, but the art direction suffered, and there was a relative lack of variety in the game's setting, I think. Some of the best designed segments of the game are the opening in Syria, and toward the end in the Hidden City. However, one thing it did right was capturing the bleak aesthetic of Siberia, particularly early on when Lara was exploring old Soviet installations.

Unfortunately, while Yamatai truly felt dismal and honestly just dirty and disgusting, I never once felt cold or isolated, even when stranded in the snowy woods right after the game's introduction. Skyrim suffered from the same flaw.

Exploration: 8
Rise nailed exploration in a way that neither Tomb Raider nor Shadow of the Tomb Raider could. This was evident right from the beginning, with caches and documents and relics that were unattainable without some very clever puzzle solving and navigation. Monoliths were fewer and farther between, making each feel like a bigger milestone, and I feel like the rewards for completing monoliths were better. The addition of crypts alongside tombs gave even greater incentive to explore, allowing you to discover new weapons and other items in addition to skills.

Combat: 9
Like exploration, the combat in Rise was handled really well. Being able to craft explosives and Moltovs from junk found in the world added a new layer of complexity to every scenario, and the ability to sneak around on a whim served to add further depth. I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom to approach combat in a myriad of different ways, from sniping enemies from the shadows to sneaking up on them from behind to running in with guns blazing or simply hurling a Moltov into a clustered group.

Story: 7
While I was a little sad to see that the supernatural elements were toned down in Rise, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the character roster had become quite a bit more interesting. The only weak link I can think of would be Sophia, and that comes down to personal preference. There's nothing inherently wrong with her. There was a distinct aura of mystery in Rise's story, and just enough was revealed at key moments to keep you interested, but it expertly kept some things to itself; the decision to not tell us about the origins of the Last Source, or even what it really was, was a good one. Jacob's story in particular was captivating, and his conclusion was laden with both sorrow and relief that his suffering had finally come to an end.

Lara as a Character: 5
Lara is honestly Rise's worst point. When we last left off at the end of Tomb Raider, Lara had been thoroughly changed by Yamatai, but aside from a sudden, deep interest in the supernatural, she seems to have changed little in the ways that were hinted at the end of the previous game. Sure, she's definitely more capable than she used to be, but that came at the cost of vulnerability. I get that she's supposed to be a strong character, but any displays of weakness in Rise felt disingenuous at best, and in many ways, she doesn't seem like the same person.

Total Score: 36

Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Art Direction: 8
Shadow is undeniably beautiful to look at, with new tech driving superior lighting, hair tessellation, and more. Sadly, it was the one game in the series that gave my machine some trouble, bringing the frame rates down to the 40s and even 30s during high intensity sequences. This forced me to turn many settings down to keep the game running at a smooth 60 frames per second.

That being said, even if the game isn't as pretty as it could be, it was still a joy to look at, and while the art direction is inferior to the first game, it was a step up from Rise, and this is coming from someone that doesn't much care for jungles. The lairs of the Yaaxil were appropriately unsettling, much like the Yaaxil themselves, and those segments stand out as some of the most immersive in the game.

Exploration: 6
There is exploration in Shadow, I'll admit to that, but not once did I feel particularly compelled to explore the world out of interest alone; it was only done so I could potentially hit 100% completion. The skills awarded through tombs were decent enough, but found little use, and crypts were far inferior to those in Rise. If I had to guess, this stems from the decision to lock most upgrades behind vendors.

Combat: 3
Combat is, without a doubt, Shadow's biggest misstep, mostly due to how rare it is compared to the previous games. While all of the mechanics from Rise remain, I can't think of a single instance where I was incentivized to change up my tactics or think outside of the box. This is due in large part to the new stealth mechanics Shadow introduced, which quickly became the most efficient way to deal with virtually every combat scenario. I'd go as far as to say this wasn't accidental, but intentional given the design of set pieces, which often feature far more verticality and many, many bushes and patches of mud to cover yourself in. The fact that none of the enemies respawn means that trekking through areas you've been to before is just a drag.

Story: 5
I get it. They wanted to tell a story about how Lara's actions do, in fact, have consequences. That's fine. What's not fine is how that story is executed. While I can tip my hat to the writers for Amaru for a solid attempt at a more sympathetic villain, practically of the other characters were even somewhat good; even the first game was better in this regard. Not once did I find myself caring about Unuratu, and Etzli...we won't talk about Etzli. The best characters, if I had to pick, were Jonah and the bald guy, whatever his name was.

The worst part of the story, however, was just how soon it was over. Compared to Rise and even the 2013 reboot, Shadow is over before you really feel like it begins, and almost everything in between is simply forgettable. Trinity in particular lost much of its luster between Rise and Shadow, and for the most part doesn't actually feel too involved. It's just a boring mess.

Also, if someone can explain to me why a vendor in a lost Mesoamerican city that claims to have goods provided by the gods is selling laser sights for an assault rifle, I'd be deeply appreciative.

Lara as a Character: 7
Lara was handled far better in Shadow than she was in Rise; ask me again in ten years and I'll tell you the same thing. However, she's not without her faults, particularly the fact that she seems to contradict the game. As stated, a large part of the story is her learning that her actions have consequences, but not once does she stop and consider what she's doing. If she's supposed to be in conflict, why isn't this conveyed? Once more, the writers have conveniently forgotten that Lara has been through a lot by this point. Sure, the obsessive part of her persona carries over - and well, I must admit - but again, she shows no sign of regret or remorse or survivor's guilt or literally any emotion that would sensibly be felt by someone with her history.

Between the changes to her appearance and general inconsistency of her character, it can be reasonably argued that the Lara at the end of Shadow is barely recognizable as the Lara from the end of Tomb Raider. Having said that, Camille did an excellent job with the material she was given. I love Lara, and I love Camille's portrayal of her, but she deserves so much better.

At least we got these two great scenes out of her, which I would argue are the best in the series.

Total Score: 30 (29 without the aforementioned scenes.)

Final Verdicts
Rise of the Tomb Raider: A technical improvement on the original with more compelling characters and story and some of the best combat in the series.

Tomb Raider (2013): A fun and immersive game about surviving on an island with superb art direction.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: A disappointing but playable conclusion to a trilogy that I deeply adore, held back by amateur writing and pacing, and general lack of willingness to try anything new. At least it had great cutscenes.
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Art Direction: 7 - Beautiful environments but not enough colour throughout. Detail is great but outfits lacking style
Exploration: 6 - Rather linear with too many set piece combat sections
Combat: 7 - Fun but just far too much of it.
Story: 8 - Compelling and exciting but side characters lack development
Lara as a Character: 4 - Annoyingly whiny and the voice acting was bad, like way overdramatic. It was nice to see her grow though and there were at least some glimmers of potential when she interreacts with Roth but not enough to save it.

Overall: 32

Art Direction: 8 - Some of the locations are beautiful but the snowy areas give a lack of diversity. At least the 20th Anniversary redeemed outfits.
Exploration: 7 - An improvement in tombs and underground locations to explore
Combat: 8 - Use of stealth was nice but it felt more to interrupt exploration
Story: 6 - On the one hand we have this great story arc with Jacob and the myths of immortality on the other hand we have the colossal flop of the father story
Lara as a Character: 2 - Where is the charisma or personality? The way she acts when she gets captured with all the spiting and swearing, the internal monologue ramblings, all the stuff of my father this, my father that. A shell of a character, more 2 dimensional than Lara has ever been before.

Overall: 31

Art Direction: 8 - Locations are so beautiful but is brought down by the awful design of the outfits (retro skins excluded).
Exploration: 9 - There is so many complex and large areas. Only negative is way too many collectables
Combat: 9 - Much less combat which was good plus I really like the stealth stuff being more prevalent
Story: 8 - Some great moments even if a little disjointed in parts
Lara as a Character: 5 - Yes she is a bit more badass which is badly needed but again she doesn't seem to be enjoying things. At least she makes a odd joke and has better interaction with Jonah.

Overall: 39

Shadow was my fav of the 3 for the way it better balanced the three pillars of gameplay and brought a lot more exploration than the other two. Reboot Lara is the big weakness of all 3 games especially Rise pulling that down to the weakest of the three. I did like the cinematic sections of 2013 like scavengers Den or the river but it was the puzzles and traps of Shadow that are a big standout.
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Tomb Raider
art direction: 9
the game has wonderful art direction. yes it’s executed with less detail than in the sequels but that’s because this is a last gen 2013 game we’re talking about. and i disagree with people saying it lacks colour. it has a huge, varied colour palette and it uses it properly throughout the game’s very diverse locations.
exploration: 7
it’s the most linear of the three, but it’s okay because it’s the one that set the foundation. it’s still fun to run around as the hubs are beautiful and as others have already pointed out it had the perfect amount of collectibles.
combat: 8
it feels perfect and it’s a lot of fun. yes there’s tons of it in the game but i personally didn’t mind it because it always felt justified in the context of the story.
story: 7
speaking of which, it’s a really basic story with tons of missed potential but it still works and it’s engaging enough. plus its key points (which most of the time are also wonderfully made playable set pieces) feel memorable so that really brings it up.
lara as a character: 7
lara’s origins arc was clearly intended to only take up this one game, and it feels complete although like the story it has tons of missed potential.
Total Score: 38

Rise of the Tomb Raider
art direction: 6
the weakest art direction in the trilogy. the fact that the game is technically speaking an incredible step up compared to its predecessor makes up for it.
exploration: 7
it’s more boring than the exploration in the first game due to the lifeless hubs, but the amazing challenge tombs and crypts make up for it.
combat: 7.5
it actually feels less polished than the combat in the reboot to me, but the addition of more fleshed our stealth mechanics kept it fresh. although there’s a clear issue with lara becoming OP even on the highest difficulty settings.
story: 4
really really bland and forgettable. ana is the only interesting character to come out of it and they killed her off at the end limiting all chances she had to be evolved into a full fledged one lmao.
lara as a character: 6
there’s a few cute moments and although the dialogues tend to be better and more realistic in this game than in its prequel, lara herself feels stale and her mental state being completely unexplored didn’t help.
Total Score: 30.5

Shadow of the Tomb Raider
art direction: 8
the art direction is super good (although not as creative as the reboot art direction) and the game just looks gorgeous. the jungles and underwater environments especially make such good use of the volumetric lighting.
exploration: 8
again like rise it overdoes the whole collectibles thing but i did love the side missions in this game. they were nothing too developed but they felt fun and gave lara a chance to interact with other characters. the tombs and crypts are also top notch.
combat: 7
unfortunately this is the weakest combat in the whole trilogy. i love the stealth additions but they’re never really properly given a chance to be used and the gun blazing encounters feel unpolished. also there’s no respawns post-campaign and that sucks.
story: 7
the story is okay. nowhere as important or defining as what we were promised but it’s definitely a step up compared to rise.
lara as a character: 8.5
this is where the game shines. this is the best portrayal of lara in the whole trilogy. it could have been even better but i feel like the whole trilogy revolves around a theme of never really reaching it’s true potential so it’s okay i guess.
Total Score: 38.5

so i guess that means my ranking would be shadow > reboot > rise even though there’s really just a 0.5 points difference between reboot and shadow lmao.
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Tomb Raider

Art Direction - 5

Alright gritty grey style but not my cup of tea. Too depressing and not appealing. The music is blend, the theme is nice but I'm tired of it.

Exploration - 4

Hubs are good for platforming (without them it would be tragic as there is almost no platforming in story path.) Collectibles have the good amount. Poor level design and extremely linear in story path. Little to no puzzle.

Combat - 6

Challenging. I like interacting with the setting to defeat the enemies. The ratio is terrible though and Shantytown a big Nope.

Story - 5

The secondary characters are... a bit lame as well as the dialogues. I don't like American Young Adult fictions tbh. Fortunately, the background of the island and Himiko is good and interesting.

Lara as character - 6

Lara is alright but I'm not falling in love with her either.

Total score : 26

Alright game but I'm not the target. The new gameplay direction is unfortunately not good.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Art Direction : 8

Alright music but a bit too invisible for me. The art direction is fantastic, everything is beautiful they nailed everything and I find the colours not that dull.

Exploration : 6

The level design is ok (thanks Syria, Abandoned Mines and Flooded Archives). The rest painfully linear again except the hubs. I really enjoy the hubs in this one. Too much collectibles though. The challenged tombs are the highlights.

Combat : 7

The amount is still high but bearable. The stealth was a very good addition.

Story : 6

Great villains. Enjoyed some secondary characters. A bit uneventful unfortunately. Still nice background.

Lara as a character : 6

Like her but lack some features of her personality. Too kind and correct idk .

Total score : 33

Too safe sequel but done things definitely better and it's more in my taste.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Art Direction : 8

Lovely in some interiors and sunny places but very bland in dark areas. The music is excellent, that's why the good rating.

Exploration : 7

Good additions in platforming. Some excellent challenged tombs ! Interesting crypts. Level design in hubs a bit inexistent except Paititi so sometimes boring to explore them. Too much collectibles once again. Story Path still too much linear.

Combat : 7

Good stealth additions but AI is often bad. Perfect amount of them.

Story : 7

So much potential. Very good start and alright ending. The middle is boring unfortunately. Too much ellipses, maybe some potholes. Fortunately some powerful scenes save this

Lara as character : 7

Despite to be inconsistent, Lara has lovely light-hearted moments, Lara is badass and intimidating, Lara is emotional in the right moment. I really like her.

Total score : 36

Could be much better, flawed but overall the best of them.

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Shadow 10/10
the third best TR game after TR1 and TR4. I just had a blast playing it.

Rise 8.5/10
it's very complete and balanced. After Shadow, However, I really wish I can play it with the customizable difficulty options. The white paint really ruined a lot of the beautiful places they created.

Reboot 7/10
I love it and enjoy it, but it strayed too far from the TR formula, it was too hard for me to accept as a full fledged TR game, but it's a great game. and it has this atmosphere to it that is unbeatable.
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Tr: 8/10

rottr: 8/10

sottr: 9/10
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TR 2013:

Art Direction: 8 Beautiful game for it's time, holds up nicely in 2020.
Exploration: 8 the island is nicely spread out.
Combat: 8 nicely paced combat scenes.
Story: 8 story is solid, but some details are better in the 2018 movie.
Lara as a Character: 10 Lara coming to terms with the reality of her situation is delivered with excellence, it's easily the highlight of the game. A survivor is born, and a franchise is re-born.

Overall: 42


Art Direction: 10 One of the most beautiful games I've played, even to this day.
Exploration: 9 A lot of fun to play, even better map than 2013, Geothermal location is amazing.
Combat: 9 Takes 2013's combat aspects and does it better.
Story: 9 I couldn't ask for a better story in the trilogy.
Lara as a Character: 10 Very different approach to how Lara handles situations from 2013, which shows great character growth and it's her most balanced and empowered self out of the trilogy.

Overall: 47


Art Direction: 8 Graphics are amazing. Locations are beautiful, yet not as exciting as Rise & 2013.
Exploration: 7 Feels flat compared to Rise & 2013, did not enjoy the environment as much as I had hoped.
Combat: 7 The stealth aspects are a 9 and best in the series, but the lack of combat and the lack of feeling in danger during combat is underwhelming.
Story: 6 Unfortunately the weakest aspect of the trilogy, while it was enjoyable overall, the story lacked so much of what it could have been.
Lara as a Character: 8 I still enjoyed Lara in this game, especially when she hears Jonah has been killed and comes out of the water with the knife and cleans house, but overall no where near as much as the character development in Rise & 2013. Everything after her hearing Jonah was killed until the very end was easily a 10, but everything before that lacked in comparison to the other two in the trilogy. Lara's disconnect looked more like classic TR than the other two games, which I do not want.

Overall: 36


Overall, I love the reboot trilogy. I feel that Rise has the most replay value followed by 2013 but Shadow was an interesting way to wrap up the story, though it was a little underwhelming overall. Whether the next TR is a direct sequel to Shadow or somewhere in the distant future I hope we get more of the reboot style TR and stay away from the classic elements.

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